Political Dissident: White Amerikkka is a terrorist organization

“When the anonymous black person enters the white space, others there immediately try to make sense of him or her—to figure out “who that is,” or to gain a sense of the nature of the person’s business and whether they need to be concerned … Accordingly, the most easily tolerated black person in the white space is often one who is “in his place”—that is, one who is working as a janitor or a service person or one who has been vouched for by white …

Sinclair’s politically motivated script hoisted red flags for a path of destruction

Irony is inescapable as you watch the Deadspin video that stitches together Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s reporters as they recite a script hypocritically claiming to defend democracy. It evokes a  hair-raising feeling of dread reminiscent of 1984. The message criticized fake news, which seems like a noble message until you consider the political context. From a national news standpoint, the script echos Trump’s favorite talking point about “fake news.” From an independent journalism standpoint, the command to broadcast is threatening to mute journalists’ critical and individual …

Trump’s unilateral war power will cause global chaos

On Friday April 13, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom launched airstrikes against a number of targets across Syria after the strikes were ordered by US President Donald Trump in response to the Syrian Regime’s use of chemical weapons to kill civilians. The strikes show just how much power the office of the President now hoards over military decisions. The ability of the President to launch military strikes at any time and in any country without any oversight or accountability is dangerous for …

‘On My Block’ kicks authentic representation to the curb

Just like we all find ourselves binging on a variety of our favorite snacks, millennials look to Netflix for binge-worthy shows that distract them from reality for hours of the day. Some millennials take a deep interest in shows that they can relate to, especially a coming-of-age story about a group of young teens. Netflix’s, “On My Block,” isn’t just any average coming-of-age story.

Opioid victims need help, not handcuffs

The sinister scythe that is the opioid crisis within the United States continues to reap the lives of our loved ones, has amassed a body count surpassing the Vietnam War, and remains largely unchecked, if not encouraged by laws passed in the interest of personal gain, our collective naivete in regards to the subject and the inhumane yet popular public sentiment that those who use drugs do not deserve help.

Undocumented student-activists need fellow students support

Members of the PCC community are fearful of being abducted from our collective home. These classmates who we sit next to, friends who we laugh with and staff members who we look to for help, are being threatened by a force that has the power to stalk, imprison, and exile. That force is the federal government under the Trump administration, a body which has variously proven it has no moral qualms about separating families.