Toppling Big Tech: not an easy fix

Share: It’s no secret that big tech companies are slowly taking over the world, with Facebook now owning more than one social media outlet, Amazon bringing down all their competition because anyone with internet access can quite literally buy everything on their website, and Google also becoming the next big thing with their search engine, e-mail service, tablets and laptops. Follow:

Dumbo: The world’s most beloved elephant brought to life

Share: Tim Burton’s rendition of “Dumbo” brought upon incredibly beautiful scenes with lots of color, but he just didn’t stop there, Burton also brought to life a fictional character that has been loved by many Walt Disney fans that have adored the cartoon film that was released in October of 1941. The film began with introducing the human characters that also made this film what it was; the circus that owned Dumbo and his mother Jumbo which was ran by a man named Max Medici …