If one word could easily describe how I feel about Donald Trump being in office and all the awful decisions he’s been making since the get-go it’d be, ‘disgusted.’I’ll also add ‘furious’ because I’m infuriated by 99.9% of the stuff he has planned to do or does.

Andrew McCabe, FBI deputy director was just let go by Jeff Sessions on March 16. Was I surprised to hear the news of yet another person in this administration being let go? Not at all.

If a person is going to be working in the White House or closely to Trump, it seems almost as if they have to be praising this man in order to consider their job title safe. It seems if a person is anti-Trump or a part of the Russian investigation, they are at risk for being fired.

Twenty members of Trump’s administration have either resigned or been fired from their position, which is quite enough to make a person raise their brow, or at least make me raise one. Why are so many people involved with keeping our government flowing suddenly dropping like flies?

There’s more going on than what is being said behind the closed doors at the White House. There’s far too much speculation surrounding the Russian investigation for it to be easily dismissed. If this type of an investigation were to occur during a term of a Democrat and twenty or more people resigned or were fired during that term, there’d be a plethora of people angry and wanting answers left and right. Currently people seem to be more passive, but even those who are open-minded will find it difficult to ignore the connection between Russia and the current administration.

One of the many speculations surrounding McCabe’s firing by Sessions is McCabe’s authorization of a perjury investigation into the discrepancies in Sessions’ testimony about his contacts with the Russians. What I’ve witnessed from this administration is that if a person doesn’t support Trump, they can consider themselves gone, and no longer able to be involved with any type of investigation against the administration. I believe this is why McCabe was fired.

The main issue with the current administration is the obvious separation of what Trump wants America to be and what the Republican party wants it to be. Clearly Trump is confused about how a President should govern a country. Trump supporters are working to make sure any possible illegal activity of the administration is kept under-wraps, especially if it’s something as big as the Russian interference in the 2016 election. Every time a government official gets close to uncovering the truth, they disappear from the White House.

If Republicans declare that Trump doesn’t have anything to hide, why don’t they let an official investigation go on? Everything that’s gone on is enough to make me not trust Trump and his people and that won’t change anytime soon.

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