Celebrating the evolution of women’s pro wrestling

Share: It’s an exciting time for World Wrestling Entertainment, and in a historic evening for women of all sports, WWE hosted its first all-women’s pay-per-view event “Evolution,” featuring over fifty female superstars. The women’s pro wrestling revolution has been a long time coming. It is great to finally see proper female roles taking shape in the squared circle, as they had previously been confined to portraying sexual objects and support for men. Follow:

Hurry hurricane help

Share: This year is the most active hurricane season on record and we as a nation could be responding better to the severe weather and its effects. As Tropical Storm Oscar forms in the Atlantic Ocean, we need to look at our past efforts to determine what the U.S. can do to help its citizens and what citizens can do to keep themselves from becoming hurricane victims. Follow:

Forget the president, local elections matter more

Share: Marking his first political speaking engagement since the end of his term, former President Barack Obama urged students at the University of Illinois to fight against President Donald Trump and his regime. The significance of the midterm election has been downplayed in years past and, in our current political climate, this coming November is shaping up to be one of the most important midterms to date. Follow:

Parking and political profs: Pet peeves plague PCC

Share: When it comes to college life, there are many situations that could bother students. Other than the confines of a private conversation, their pet peeves often go unexpressed and the issues plaguing the individual often stay unresolved. If these personal problems are presented to an audience, however, there is an impetus for action and the likelihood of change increases. Follow: