Suicide Prevention Week: Spotting the signs

Share: For college students, life can be overwhelming. In an attempt to become successful for the long term future, sacrifices have to be made. From the countless hours of studying, having a job to pay for everything and maintaining a social life with friends and family, it can all be very difficult. Unfortunately for some, maintaining this lifestyle is just too much and thoughts of depression and suicide cloud those who are in need of help the most and it’s impossible to spot them in …

Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to defeat Trump

Share: With the 2020 Presidential Election just over a year away, the pressure is on for those in the Democratic party to step up against President Trump in a race for the presidency. With already 21 Democrats so far announcing their bid, it will be a difficult challenge for the candidates to stand out to Democratic voters. Since former Vice President Joe Biden announced his candidacy it seems clear that he has become an instant favorite for the Democratic nomination. Follow:

Trump dodges bullet with Mueller Report

Share: It’s been just over two years since Donald Trump took the office of the presidency, and ever since he’s dealt with constant controversy surrounding his possible connection to Russia during the 2016 election. The recently completed and released Mueller report was supposed to have all the answers that would put Trump on the brink of impeachment. Instead, it raised more questions than answers, and Trump used this to his advantage. Follow:

The Pinata District: More than just Pinatas

Share: On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, I found myself in an area of  Los Angeles known as the “Pinata District.” Which as it sounds, had hundreds if not thousands of pinatas for sale, but the pinatas were just a small part of what the market had to offer. An authentic experience of street food from multiple Latin America countries made that 45 minute trip from my home worthwhile. Follow:

Michael Jackson’s career is ruined

Share: When HBO released it highly anticipated two part documentary “Leaving Neverland”, which focuses on the stories of two men who accuse Michael Jackson of sexually assaulting them as children, we were promised the graphic and horrific details about what Jackson had done to them. The documentary blew my expectations away and has changed the way I look and listen to Michael Jackson forever.\ Follow:

GM not adapting to eco-friendly car culture

Share: In the society that we live in, the economy plays a major role in how companies plan for their future. If the economy is strong companies can expand and be able to hire new workers. If the economy is in a recession, companies will have to make cutbacks to save money. But for General Motors, their situation proves that no matter how strong the economy is, no one is safe from losing their job. Follow:

Stinkin Crawfish: pretty stinkin’ good

Share: As someone who enjoys the Louisiana culture of Cajun seafood, my excitement couldn’t be held within as I arrived to Stinkin Crawfish in Monrovia with an empty stomach and high expectations for quality seafood, hopefully at a reasonable price. Upon my arrival, I noticed some customers who were sitting in an outdoor seating area of the restaurant who had a paper table cover on their table while also wearing bibs as they enjoyed their meals. Trying not to laugh about how funny they looked, …