Marking his first political speaking engagement since the end of his term, former President Barack Obama urged students at the University of Illinois to fight against President Donald Trump and his regime. The significance of the midterm election has been downplayed in years past and, in our current political climate, this coming November is shaping up to be one of the most important midterms to date.

Voter turnout is not what it used to be in our nation. With control of state houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate hanging in the balance, the faith in the electoral system must be restored.

Those who believe that they have no say and can’t make a difference often live up to their own negative thinking. Though, the ones not present on polling day have no right to complain when things don’t work out the way they would have liked.

It is not solely through the President that positive changes are made in this country. It is also done through change in the local and state jurisdictions; allowing Americans to make waves in their own communities, which will, in turn and in time, lead to progress on a national level.

Many of the local and state offices are determined during midterm elections. These community leaders make decisions that will impact more of the day-to-day lives of citizens. City mayor, judges, and local officials elected into office shape the areas around them and have a profound effect upon the way local systems work.

Ballot initiatives voted upon will both open and close opportunities for citizens. The propositions presented are often packed with several initiatives, so it is best to do your own research, whereas their political advertisements can be deceiving. Purporting to solve different types of political issues, the impact of the people’s decision is apparent thereafter, as propositions become enforceable laws.

Congressional elections taking place during the midterms, use the direct votes of citizens to determine winners, rather than the electoral college system of presidential elections. Therefore, in electing congressional leaders, individual votes carry much more weight than they would when voting for President.

The best way to fight injustice is not through snarky commentary and political satire but, rather, through the means necessary for change. Our democratic system allow us, the people, to have a say in who will take office and make the decisions that affect our daily lives.

In this world full of strife and war, we look to leaders to keep our families safe from harm. Making decisions that determine life or death each and every day, politicians are elected as a result of the people’s choice. As President Barack Obama said, “Our democracy depends upon it”.

The last day to register to vote, online or postmarked, is October 22nd.

If you’re frustrated with present day politics in our great nation, heed the call made by Obama and vote in the midterm election this year. You never know what a big difference a vote can make.

Midterm Elections will take place on November 6th, from 7 am to 8 pm*.

*Times may vary throughout the U.S.

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