Vaping regulations may stifle our autonomy

Share: The United States of America is a country permeating with too much regulation and restrictions that we must adhere to in order to function freely through our daily lives. The U.S. government and its countless alphabet agencies have created a world in which we must carefully step and navigate to not disturb or betray the guidelines set for us. This inevitably becomes an issue when our country’s citizens attempt to live in a manner as they see fit, while meticulously trying to follow the …

Higher Education Act: a step in the right direction

Share: College tuition has been on the rise for years, contributing to an already obscene amount of outstanding debt being taken on by students and parents. The St. Louis Federal Reserve reported that as of early February, outstanding student loans are nearing 1.6 trillion dollars, with no signs of slowing down. Congress is currently in the process of a potential reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) in hopes of chipping away at one of the biggest debts citizens of this country face.     Follow:

HiroNori craft ramen a hopeful hero in Pasadena

Share: HiroNori craft ramen touts itself as a “craft” ramen establishment even though nothing points towards it being so. Don’t mistake my immediate jab at this new establishment as the knockout punch, it’s actually far from it. The food was good and the service fine, yet I failed to pinpoint what made this place different and settled with the idea that it was “craft” in name only. Follow:

Shawerma Masters offers an authentic touch

Share: Nestled in a small shopping center on the corner of Washington Boulevard and Allen Avenue sits a new and relatively small Middle Eastern food joint. Shawerma Masters, one of Pasadena’s most recent food additions, is your typical, run-of-the-mill shawarma restaurant. Shawerma Masters is tucked away between a Mexican restaurant and laundromat, contributing to the already tight feeling you get when eating in an establishment with limited seating. The Middle Eastern eatery is fairly small, fielding only seven tables, most of them indoors. However, the …