COVID-19 testing delay will accelerate deaths

The U.S. government’s response to COVID-19 has been downright abysmal. Over this past week, Trump has tried to rewrite his initial handling of the pandemic, but the reality is that the president was slow in his response, and his administration is still not doing enough. While other countries like South Korea and China are making testing easily accessible, most of those in the U.S. are still going undiagnosed.

Trump’s animal advocacy is fake news

Nov. 2019 was a bright year for animals nationwide when President Donald Trump passed the PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) Act, but not for animals worldwide since they are paying the price for this facade.  For the first time in United States history, a law was passed making animal cruelty a federal felony. The PACT Act strictly protects companion animals within the U.S. which left many people asking, what about other mammals around the world? Most shocking is the fact that President Trump passed …

Trump negotiates with terrorists

President Donald Trump is dead wrong when he says that the recent peace agreement with the Taliban is a victory for the United States.  The ink on the February 29 agreement wasn’t even dry when Taliban forces resumed attacks on Afghan government troops. Just days after calling the pact a great day for America, Trump conceded that it is highly likely that Taliban insurgents will overrun the Afghan National Security Forces and retake control of the country. Surely, a terrifying thought for many Afghani’s, particularly …

America’s top parasite should watch the film he mocked

Trump mocking a foreign film that won Best Picture is about as entitled as someone can get. The 2019 South Korean film “Parasite” became the Best Picture winner of the 2020 Oscars. This historic moment went on to be praised upon as one of the greatest Best Picture wins. That is until one man, who is the President of the United States, decides to put the film on blast for its win. President Trump talked about “Parasite” and its historic win at a rally on …

Trump the liar emboldened after acquittal

After months of denial during his impeachment hearing, President Donald Trump, now invigorated after the vindication of his impeachment, has publicly admitted to sending his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine in order to achieve political gain, a complete unethical reversal from his stance in Nov. 2019. Trump’s contradiction was publicized on Feb. 11 during an interview on Roadkill with podcast with host and journalist Geraldo Rivera. According to Tom Porter of Business Insider, just eight days after his impeachment acquittal, Trump contradicted a key principle …

Forget the president, local elections matter more

Marking his first political speaking engagement since the end of his term, former President Barack Obama urged students at the University of Illinois to fight against President Donald Trump and his regime. The significance of the midterm election has been downplayed in years past and, in our current political climate, this coming November is shaping up to be one of the most important midterms to date.

McCain: Military man, merciless maverick

As a combat veteran and fellow purple heart recipient it was quite difficult to not root for the late Senator John Sidney McCain III. McCain had a military record to be admired and served in public office for nearly four decades. He was an independent man, a maverick, and did what he felt was right and just. He selflessly served this country and its citizens up until his last days.

Courier Chat: Separation of families with Hilda Coleman

In this edition of the Courier Chat, Sam talks to Hilda Coleman about how she organized the PCC protest against the separation of families under Trump’s zero-toleration policy and how that policy is affecting the nation. Hilda’s contacts and media: Podcast: Instagram: taintedsun Email: Have something you want us to talk about on the podcast? Want to appear as a guest or have your story told? Email us!: The PCC Courier stands in solidarity with the Capital Gazette Newsroom