Hot cars, hot streets, PCC judges and more at the South Pas Car Show

There was a lot beneath the hood of the 12th Annual “Cruz’n for Roses Hot Rod & Classic Car Show” and Police and Fire Open House in South Pasadena on a hot, 100-degree Sunday afternoon Sunday. Nearly 200 vintage and specialty cars lined the city’s main thoroughfare, Mission Street. Five blocks, from Fair Oaks to Meridian, were closed to traffic for the event, which took place from 10 a.m.until 4 p.m. Hundreds of car enthusiasts, families and other pedestrians strolled down the middle of the …

Japanese tea ceremony keeps traditions alive

Everyone took off their shoes. There were creaks as they stepped up onto the wooden deck, their feet relaxing in relief from the painful rocks inlaid in the dirt. As they filed in one by one, everyone either took a spot on the floor cross-legged or kneeling, or on one of the few wooden stools. The walls were little more than decoration, being made of wooden slats that hid nothing from the outside world.