South Pasadena’s Farmer’s Market contains a total of 72 vendors, all of which you can find some of the freshest fruits and veggies, the catch of the day, some of the loveliest plants and flowers, and cute vintage clothing.

It is held weekly on Thursdays from four to eight pm and it is the perfect stop if you are hopping off the Gold Line off of Meridian Avenue and El Centro Street or if you are just in the area. Though the market is fairly small, it is mighty. Vendors will catch your attention by giving out free samples, which can be dangerous since it will lead you to want to buy everything.

Coffee fanatics will be attracted to Uncle Irving’s bagels who has sample cups filled with some of the smoothest cold brew coming from beans that are locally roasted. Like majority of the vendors, Uncle Irving’s has been a part of the farmer’s market for about four years. Todd Edwards, working the booth, explained that the owner grew this business as an ode to his uncle, Irving.

It’s a great stop if you want fresh bagels, bread, or even if you just need a little afternoon pick-me-up treat, like cronuts to go with your coffee. All of these delicious treats are sourced from Continental Kosher bakery, here in Los Angeles.

“We’ve maintained business with this bakery for years. It’s been around since the 80s, which not too many people know,” Edwards shared.

Another vendor that was especially eye catching was “Healthy Butter” because who doesn’t love a good nut butter? Adrien Jimenez, who had just come from another farmer’s market, stressed that like a lot of other vendors there, the focus was to “build a brand with integrity.”

Everything obtained is fresh without any preservatives. The nuts are sourced from direct trade. Almonds coming from Spain, cashews from Vietnam, and peanuts from Mexico, all of which take a 24-hour process to be made into butters, milk alternatives, and non-dairy ice cream.

“Hey, hook me up with my usual!” a regular interrupted as Jimenez was giving out samples to newcomers, such as myself.

As he filled up his regulars’ jars in between our discussion, he also stated that everything is made in-house at “OrVeganic” which is a protein coffee house that you’ll want to visit if you are in Lawndale. He mentioned that this company runs off of 65 percent recycling, which is a plus when you are a returning customer. Fifty cents is knocked off everytime you bring your jar back!

On the topic of recycling, you will catch tons of regulars entering the market with their reusable bags back to grab their weekly pickups. Individuals and families roam from booth to booth to check things off their list or to just enjoy good homemade food, a nice breeze, and live music from a soloist. While roaming, you can also stop by the South Pasadena Historical Museum for a quick history lesson on Pasadena’s popular historical landmarks.

If it is your first time visiting the South Pasadena Farmer’s market, it most likely won’t be your last.

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