Gray clouds gathered above South Pasadena and light raindrops sprinkled the crowd loomed at the weekly Farmer’s Market last Thursday in the week leading up to Halloween.

The community got the chance to celebrate the holiday a bit early, as families with young children embraced the opportunity to go trick-or-treating throughout the market.

Vendors provided candy to mostly kids who requested it but many also gave out samples of their organic fruits, vegetables, sweet breads and even fresh honeycombs as treats.

“I enjoy introducing kids to new types of fruits, in hopes that they discover a new appreciation for things that are actually healthy for them,” vendor Samantha Rodriguez of Whittier said.

Her booth displayed a variety of exotic fruits — from Japanese persimmons, to Mexican-grown tejocotes, and her personal favorite, pitaya, more commonly referred to as dragon fruit.

“That’s usually the one I get the kids to try, because they think the name is cool,” Rodriguez shared.

There were also new things for adults to discover. Perhaps the most interesting was a booth which sold French “yoghurt” in every flavor that you can imagine, including a sriracha-inspired spicy yoghurt and even a seasonal zucchini-flavored yoghurt.

“The more you buy, the more you save, buy in bulk,” the man in the yoghurt booth announced to passers-by.

A worker from “Bill’s Bee’s,” a local beekeeper, showcased a variety of honey flavors for sale, including avocado, buckwheat and almond orange blossom honey. Homeboy Bakery, an L.A. -based company known for employing and training former gang members, was also there selling a variety of fresh breads and sweet treats.

As the sun began to set, an impromptu concert and live entertainment was provided by an old, gray-haired man who played the guitar and sang uplifting melodies which poured out through his portable speaker system. Many of the kids in costumes praised his words and danced lively to the songs.

“My child wears a costume almost daily, but any chance I get, I like to pair her with other kids who are also in costume. I mean look at them, they go wild, it’s fun for them,” Bruce Jordan, a father of two said.

Part Halloween celebration, part concert, or maybe just a regular outdoor market shopping trip, the South Pasadena farmers market offers fun for all ages.

The market runs year round every Thursday between 4-8pm and is located at the corner of Meridian Ave and El. Centro St. in South Pasadena.

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