Say high to our nation’s first cannabis cafe

Share: A line rapidly grew along La Brea Avenue on a fairly quiet Thursday afternoon in West Hollywood. The City of Hollywood has allowed a once taboo subject to become a reality by granting Original Cannabis Cafe a cannabis consumption license first out of 300 or more applicants. Los Angeles locals and visitors alike have been happily welcoming the nation’s first organic cannabis cafe for the last two weeks.  Follow:

Hollywood’s ‘mountain palace’ of eats, goods and a view

Share: During peak sunset hours, a shuttle drove up the hills of Hollywood, making it’s way to one of L.A.’s tucked away historical landmarks, Yamashiro, meaning “mountain palace.” What was once a private estate and garden collective of Adolph and Eugene Bernheimer is now an Asian fusion restaurant and event venue that hosts the Hollywood Night Market every Thursday evening. Follow:

ArtCenter grad invents Martian ‘dump truck’

Share: Composed of three separate modules and 12 wheels, ArtCenter College of Design senior Omar Rehman’s segmented Mars land train was shown off at ArtCenter’s annual grad show. The three separate modules all had their own purpose — the front module for the astronauts and collecting geological samples, the middle to process the samples and the remaining module gathers the remains of obsolete rovers to retrieve them. Follow:

The Hustle: Hustling its way to a good laugh

Share: Innocent comedy or a questionable underlying political stance? The Hustle implicates a feminine twist on the 1988 film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, starring Anne Hathaway as Josephine Chesterfield and Rebel Wilson as Penny Rust, who play complete opposite characters from their last films. Anne Hathaway’s last film Serenity, was critiqued as one of her worst debuts, while Rebel Wilson’s character in Isn’t It Romantic was reviewed as mediocre. In the Hustle, Hathaway ditched her helpless ex-wife character and Wilson remained her cheesy, comedic self. They …

GARB: Colliding art and fashion

Share: To fulfill a visually stimulating craving, ArtCenter College of Design is currently showcasing an exhibition titled “GARB”, at their Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery. The exhibition presents a “collision of image, body, art, object, fashion and costume.” Curators Ann Field and John David O’Brien juxtapose fashion and costume artifacts with art, sculpture and objects, even making some pieces “wearable art.” In this exhibition an array of illustrators such as Ann Field, Bob Peak and Tony Viramontes can be found expressing how their creative ideas …