I am a victim of a disease called “fangirling” when it comes to anything horror and my symptoms were hitting hard this weekend at the SugarMynt gallery in South Pasadena.

“Halloween” by John Carpenter is an all-time horror classic and South Pasadena has the privilege of being the location where it was filmed. I just about died when I found out that not only was the family-owned gallery in South Pasadena but it was right next door to the house that the knife-wielding, mask-wearing psychopath terrorized.

Michael Myers is one of the most infamous hollywood serial killers and SugarMynt has a gallery that is worth dying for. “Welcome to Haddonfield II” is SugarMynt’s third annual “Halloween” exhibit and if the spooks from the infamous “Halloween” house don’t give you a heart attack, then the amount of original photos from set and authentic paintings featured will.

“A photographer introduced me to Malek Akkad [Halloween producer] who then later introduced me to Kim [Gottlieb-Walker],” said SaraRose Orlandini, the gallery curator, boss lady, and art director. “ … and she’s such a sweetheart and super down to show her work and share her stories.”

Kim Gottlieb-Walker worked on the set of “Halloween” and her photographs from set decorate the walls of the gallery. Jamie Lee Curtis is my soul scream queen and the photos of her in character on the gallery walls, convinced me that there is a heaven and SugarMynt is exactly that.

All the 90’s babies, where are you at? The gallery not only features “Halloween” but also “Hocus Pocus!” Dear god, someone pass me a paper bag to breathe, because “Hocus Pocus” is my childhood and everything that matters to me.

“William Sandell [set designer] he is an amazing person … he started looking at all the stuff he has saved … he has prints of all the original concept drawings from the film and he got the illustrator, Giacomo Ghiazza, to sign them all,” said Orlandini. “So we have a whole “Hocus Pocus” set with storyboards, original costumes and concept art.”

You best believe that I cried inside when I saw the different illustrations from the movie itself.

Not only does SugarMynt offer the amazing gallery for a very small entrance fee of only five dollars but they also provide movie viewings in the backyard that showcase the movies that the curators want to share with their gallery attendees.

“I found this place, because I am a huge fan of John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween,’” said fellow gallery attendee Angel Comparan.

“Since the gallery is next door to the actual Myer’s House, I decided to come and give it a try. It’s very worth the price of five dollars to come and enjoy the photos as well as their movie nights.”

The gallery is definitely something that has to be seen up close, especially since no photographs are allowed of the artwork so that the artistry can be preserved and treasured as the magic it really is.

This Halloween, the gallery offers a very special treat– a double feature of “Halloween” and “Halloween II.” Will there be any tricks? It’s worth it to come and see what the gallery has in store. Maybe Michael Myers himself will come and give the audience a real scare. You’ll definitely see me there, with my blankets, candy and popcorn at hand!

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