E-cigs offer brand new fruity flavored fatalities

Share: While intended to help smokers fight addiction, e-cigarettes have an undeniable appeal to youth and first time smokers. It does not solve the problem of cigarette addiction. E-cigarettes are dangerous due to their appeal, how addictive they themselves can be, and the content within them. For these reasons, the use of electronic cigarette products should be banned. Follow:

Sharptooth’s “Clever Girl” gnaws and claws at listener’s ears

Share: Sharptooth’s freshman album “Clever Girl” is a fantastic piece of aggressive feminist art that is not afraid to be direct and mean. This American co-ed hardcore quintet seeks to provide new sound in the hardcore scene through the femme lense. With front woman Lauren Kashan and half of the band identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, this troop breaths and bleeds liberal minded ideals. This album calls for progress and will make sure its voice is heard.  Follow:

Why are we still allowing church abuse cover-ups?

Share: In May of 2018, the National Catholic Reporter detailed that since 2003, 19 Catholic dioceses or religious orders have filed for bankruptcy. The growing debt is a result of large payments to victims of sexual abuse within the church. Rather than hoping a lump sum will suffice, it’s time the Catholic church stepped up and fully admitted their faults take steps to prevent abuse in the future. Follow:

JPEGMAFIA combines horrorcore with hypnotizing melodies

Share: “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” starts off familiar to listeners of JPEGMAFIA (or Peggy, for short) — abrasive, unrelenting, and ruthless aggression. However, as the lead-off track “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot” quickly transitions into a beautiful melodic synth tune, Peggy shows he won’t ride off the back of his critically acclaimed album “Veteran,” but instead tries something completely new. And it worked. Follow:

Asian Pacific Islander mixer unites and delights

Share: A campus event at the Center for the Arts north side patio was done to celebrate and show appreciation Asian Pacific Islander student and faculty. The event was full of food, drinks and music. People from different ethnic backgrounds came out to celebrate as well. Celebrating each other’s cultures on campus brings much more meaning to the students here at PCC, like a sign of unity. Follow: