Women’s conference inspires ladies who ‘Dare To Be’

Share: “Dare to be” was this year’s theme for the 7th annual LA County Women’s Leadership Conference held last Thursday at the Pasadena Civic Center. In its biggest turnout yet, over 900 attendees took part in a variety of notable speakers and networking opportunities. From Noelia Rodriguez, who currently works in government relations and formerly served as Laura Bush’s press secretary, to Surina Khan, CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California, essentially, each speaker “dared” attendees to do something. Follow:

Prop 54: Billionaire funded prop is not what it seems

Share: The California state legislature is one of the country’s largest, made up of 120 men and women. They create new laws and repeal or modify existing state laws. Last year alone the legislature proposed over 900 different bills, and according to NBC Los Angeles News, Governor Jerry Brown signed 808 new laws, only a mere 133 of them were actually vetoed on. In regards to the way the system is streamlined, accountability and transparency within our legislature is not a pressing issue. Follow: