From the PCC Campus Police blotter for the period ending Nov. 24, 2019:

Monday, Nov. 18

An instructor reported a disruptive student in the CA building who refused to leave class. There was a miscommunication between instructor and student which was resolved.

A report was made of a 20-year old male in the IT building who was bleeding from a cut on his finger and feeling disoriented. He was then transported to the Student Health Center

A report was made of two males in lot 4 who were observed carrying handguns. The male was showing the other student an Airsoft BB gun who was involved in playing paint guns with friends.


Tuesday, Nov. 19

Cadets reported a transient near the mirror pools who told them he was feeling suicidal. This transient was transported to a hospital.

A student reported the light on his bicycle was stolen while parked in the quad. A report was taken for the stolen bicycle.

A student bumped his knee in the W building and had difficulty walking. This student was transported to the Health Center.

A female student reported that a male who, over the past year was following her on campus, was following her near the Aquatic Center. The parties were counseled and released.

Staff reported overhearing a student talking on the phone that she wanted to kill herself near the W building. This student was unable to be located.

Student reported a male inside a restroom in the R building holding what appeared to be a narcotic pipe. This male had left upon officer’s arrival.


Wednesday, Nov. 20

A report of a subject panhandling in the library was made. The subject was advised to leave and complied.

A student injured their finger in the V building while using a sandpaper machine. This student was transported to the Health Center.

A student reported that the back window of her vehicle was cracked while parked in lot 5. A report was taken for this incident.

A male slipped and fell near the C building, causing a laceration to his forehead. The male was transported to the Student Health Center.

There was a report of a bicycle theft on campus. A report was taken for this bicycle theft.

A student reported their vehicle was hit while parked in lot 4. A report was taken for this incident.

Reports were made of two transients arguing near the D building. The two transients were escorted off campus.

A group of males were involved in a verbal altercation near lot 5. A field interview was conducted and the subjects released.


Thursday, Nov. 21

A student reported her belongings were stolen from inside the GM building. It was not known whether the student got her belongings back. A report was taken for this incident.


Friday, Nov. 22

Fire alarms were activated in Science Village. Responding officers saw no sign of smoke or fire. It was a possible malfunction of the alarm.

CEC-Foothill staff reported a female bleeding from her hands. The subject had minor lacerations on her hands, but no other injuries. The subject, a possible transient, declined medical treatment, and declined to provide any further information.

A female in Lot 5 reported two males driving a black vehicle stared at her as she put items away in her vehicle. There was no further information given.


Saturday, Nov 23.

No activity was reported for this day.


Sunday, Nov. 24

Facilities staff reported that an exterior door of the E building was unlocked. The building was checked, cleared by an officer and secured.

No other activity was reported for this day.

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