In a building right in the heart of Los Angeles, scenes are displayed from some of the most iconic horror films of all time. I Like Scary Movies is an experience like no other and allows for those who enjoy taking selfies and posting them on social media to take that perfect horror selfie.

The building looks incredibly dull from the outside, just like an average industrial building, but after entering it turns into a nightmare or a dream come true for horror film buffs. Dim lighting set the tone and mood for one of the coolest walk through experiences in the world of thrilling cinema history.

The lighting and props felt like the set of a scary movie along with the staff members eagerly waiting for visitors to capture the perfect selfie. They gave advice on capturing the perfect angles to create the illusion of an authentic horror film set.

Victoria Ivie / Courier
The tunnel leading into the “It” room at the I Like Scary Movies art exhibit in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Melisa Gallardo, a visitor from San Antonio, Texas, was recommended to I Like Scary Movies by family members. She was glad she was because as a horror film fan, it was something she wouldn’t want to miss.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Gallardo. “Especially as big horror movie fans this is something really cool to experience.”

I Like Scary Movies is completely different than Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios or even the Queen Mary Dark Harbor. This place doesn’t throw visitors into mazes with scares about to happen. While that may be fun, it can get quite tiresome screaming and jumping every five minutes. Instead, it just allows attendees to fully submerge into the art that put into these sets for films like “IT,” “Beetlejuice,” “The Shining,” “Nightmare on Elm Street” andFriday the 13th.”

Staff worker Samantha Hyde compared her experiences of working Halloween Horror Nights and I Like Scary Movies.

“I work Universal as well and we also do Halloween Horror Nights but it’s like a completely different world comparing that to I Like Scary Movies.” said Hyde. “It’s more atmospheric than people jumping out at you and saying ‘boo!’”

Victoria Ivie / Courier
Statues from “Beetlejuice” at the I Like Scary Movies art exhibit in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

The first experience is “The Shining” which instantly stood out because of how much detail was put into it. It involved being quickly placed in a scene outside of slashed doors covered in blood, spelling out the word “redrum” just like in the film.

With three different rooms pertaining to this film you’re immersed into the bathroom and hotel scene where the two terrifying twins stand before you. Beside the twins a small red tricycle was placed to give more of a perspective of what Danny saw while roaming the massive hotel as a child. The work that was put into the twins, the hotel and the bathroom scene really makes visitors feel like they’re in the movie.

While the rest of the rooms were amazingly done with all the props and art that was put into it, the “Beetlejuice” room was the second attention grabber because it felt just like the 80’s cult classic.

It included classic sets from the film like the graveyard scene being in the underworld just waiting to be helped and the iconic scene with the sandworm. This particular room was incredibly interactive because there were some small scares that occurred but also, it gave a lot of opportunities for the most epic Instagram-worthy photos.

Gabby Ortega, an attendee who looks for unique Halloween experiences to do with her boyfriend, was blown away by the specifications each separate room had.

“It’s very intricate, very detailed to the films we’ve seen before. We loved ‘IT,’ all the little references we loved about it was right there,” said Ortega.

Victoria Ivie / Courier
Floating boats leading into the “It” room at the I Like Scary Movies art exhibit in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

This spooky experience is unforgettable not only due to many photo opportunities but also because of how much detail was put into all the artwork that is displayed in this building. The staff was incredibly friendly and had outstanding customer service. Anybig horror film fan will enjoy this real life experience. I Like Scary Movies is definitely something to check out before their doors close on Nov. 17, 2019.


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