‘Isolation’: An album with futuristic flare

After the highly anticipated release of Kali Uchis’ first ever album, “Isolation”, was released it left many on Twitter tweeting about how they were vibing, and feeling themselves and honestly – that’s exactly what this album does. It’s got a mixture of all sorts of genres in each song. Leaving a futuristic vibe, while managing to give a flashback of what music once was, is what Uchis managed to do with such ease.

Be afraid: Artificial intelligence threatens to ‘destroy humans’

When I think of robots, I think of “I, Robot,” a film Will Smith starred in that was based on robots living and acting like citizens to help keep humans safe. Sophia is a robot that was created and has recently been named a citizen of Saudi Arabia and all I can think of is how incredibly mind blowing it is that we have come to accept a non-breathing product as almost human like.

Stronger: Jake Gyllenhaal’s best performance yet

Stronger was a film based off of Jeff Bauman a survivor of the Boston marathon bombing that was filled with tears, laughter and inspiration. As the film starts off we get a glimpse of what Bauman’s life was like before the Boston Marathon bombing back on April 15, 2013. He lived an average life – working at Costco and having an obnoxious, loving parents, aunts, uncles and friends whom he had around him even before the bombing. His family throughout the film were the comic …