Talent can’t save Omar Apollo’s boring single

Apollo enters on a guitar, with a soft strumming and emotional pattern sounding similar to song intros for bands like Weezer, Radiohead, or The Eagles, a feeling of distaste and repetition that every artist has already attempted before him. In today’s world of music, it’s best to get to the point, Apollo should have used the time to be different and exciting. His use of melodically familiar guitar riffs are an excellent tool for a song, but when done with little effort, it makes you …

Lovestruck Lipa will get you into your feels

Who knew Dua Lipa would be the saving grace of quarantine? Her new album “Future Nostalgia,” which was released in Mar. 2020, definitely lives up to its name. It feels like she’s taking the listener on a blissful, lovesick journey through space on the way back to the 1980s. This album can make anyone dance 15 pounds off. Dua Lipa exudes femininity, and she does it so flawlessly. She’s definitely not afraid to be vulnerable with her feelings and share them with the world. Lipa …

‘Voicenotes’: Who tf broke Charlie Puth’s heart?

Charlie Puth’s overnight success on “See You Again” (a tribute track for the late Paul Walker), resulted in him releasing what felt like a rushed, unoriginal debut album in 2016, earning one of the lowest scores ever on Metacritic and leaving many wondering if the pretty-faced, perfect-pitched singer is nothing more than a typical YouTube star. Now, Puth is back with his sophomore album, “Voicenotes,” to prove to music listeners that he is more than capable of delivering an authentic musical masterpiece.

‘Isolation’: An album with futuristic flare

After the highly anticipated release of Kali Uchis’ first ever album, “Isolation”, was released it left many on Twitter tweeting about how they were vibing, and feeling themselves and honestly – that’s exactly what this album does. It’s got a mixture of all sorts of genres in each song. Leaving a futuristic vibe, while managing to give a flashback of what music once was, is what Uchis managed to do with such ease.