Who knew Dua Lipa would be the saving grace of quarantine? Her new album “Future Nostalgia,” which was released in Mar. 2020, definitely lives up to its name. It feels like she’s taking the listener on a blissful, lovesick journey through space on the way back to the 1980s. This album can make anyone dance 15 pounds off. Dua Lipa exudes femininity, and she does it so flawlessly. She’s definitely not afraid to be vulnerable with her feelings and share them with the world.

Lipa was very much in love during the writing of this album and it fuels her lyrics. Her love for this unidentified person, perhaps her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, is evident in the song “Hallucinate.” She states that this person is like a drug to her and that she will breathe them in until she hallucinates.

“Hallucinate” would be an excellent song to play in a club or a Zumba class. It’s different, it makes the listener feel like they’re on an acid trip. The lyric video itself is very psychedelic, very elevated, in the moment and happy. It’s very passionate to say the least.

Lipa truly gives an 80s disco vibe mixed with modern music. The way she nonchalantly blends the two music genres together, much like toast and butter, just works. Her song “Love Again” tells the story that after heartbreak, Lipa finds a deep attachment again. She’s enthralled and ready for this new love interest to sweep her off her feet.

“I can’t believe there’s something left in my chest anymore/Oh, goddamn/You got me in love again,” said Lipa, in “Love Again.”

This may signal to the audience that Lipa’s last heartbreak was so detrimental to her that she may have thought she lost any ability to wear her heart on her sleeve. This album is very much based on her feelings and love; as well as her triumphs, losses and sexual encounters.

“Perfect pop album,” said user LOVE AGAIN STAN on Google reviews. “Songs flow so smoothly, it’s hard not to jam to it. Loved each and every song on it.”

“Future Nostalgia” is one of the better albums that has come out of pop music, at least in the past couple of years. Pop music right now is too much, it has lots of autotune and no concrete substance. Lipa’s album is not like anything anybody has ever heard before. The beats get you excited and wanting more.

The coveted song on the album, “Don’t Start Now,” is all over TikTok. This song is the most confidence boosting, upbeat and dance provoking song on the album. It feels like she’s taking the listener roller skating on Mars.

“This song is underrated!” said YouTube user JudeWhiteGaming. “The whole album has the potential to be singles, that’s when you know an album is top notch!”

Overall, this album is unquestionably good; everything flows so nicely and works so well. It showcases her talent in a nice 32 minute package. Every song has the ability to be a work out song, a confidence boost or just something to cry to.

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