JoBros comeback radiates happiness and saves 2019

Share: Those who were teens (or parents of teens) in the 2000s will tell you that some of their fondest memories included going to see the Jonas Brothers play live, which is why their breakup in 2013 was quite possibly the biggest tragedy to occur in pop music history. Now their back! Not just back together, but back with new music, a new documentary, a new tour, and new wives. With the debut of their fifth studio album, “Happiness Begins,” the Jonas Brothers reclaim their …

5 Seconds of Summer release a summer bop

Share: Due to the negative connotation of the phrase “boy band,” people seem to think that every all-male band goes on stage and performs choreographed dances to cringy pop songs. Breaking that misconception with a new single, “Easier,” is Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer who showcase a newfound edginess and maturity in their music that has never been seen before. The band, better known as 5SOS, started their career eight years ago and rose to tremendous fame in 2013 when they opened for One …

Media outlet empowers kids to be their beautiful selves

Share: Though Los Angeles is notorious for its ability to discover the celebrities of the future, an important part of helping those stars gain fame are the entertainment journalists who choose to cover them. These journalists are oftentimes born out of people who were also once fans of actors and singers themselves and their coverage on the entertainment world play a vital role in how fans perceive their favorite artists. “Well, I had a really bad obsession with Nick Jonas,” admits Natasha Dye. Dye, an …

Carlie Hanson: Pop music’s fresh-faced phenom

Share: “There’s no fucking way she’s only eighteen” pierced through the rowdy crowd at The Wiltern this past Saturday night, as the opening act of Bad Sun’s Mystic Truth Tour worked her way into yet another compelling song. With a band comprised of only a drummer and a bassist (who also doubles as a keyboardist), young Carlie Hanson danced around the stage, mesmerizing not only her own fans, but also those in the audience, who before that night, had never even heard her name. Follow:

Ariana Grande: Icon of the century

Share: Billboard’s Women in Music is an annual event during which the publication recognizes women who have made substantial contributions in an otherwise male-dominated industry and ultimately bestows someone the title of “Woman of the Year.” This year, Billboard chose to give the award to popstar Ariana Grande, whose contributions to music and female empowerment, as well as her ability to remain poised throughout this past year, have without a doubt made her the most iconic face of 2018. Follow:

Morgan St. Jean: The makings of a true artist

Share: In a tiny little home studio somewhere in the midst of L.A., lies a room full of guitars and keyboards and fancy synth machines. The plethora of musical possibilities is enough to make any musician’s imagination run wild. This is how it all happens, right? A single recording in someone’s basement and suddenly you get lucky enough to “make it” in Los Angeles. Follow:

Allie X’s breakthrough in experimental exceptionalism

Share: The dream of moving to L.A. and making it big as a musician seems virtually impossible when taking into account how many thousands of other people want it as bad as you do. But when superstars like Troye Sivan ask you to help co-write songs, you can’t help but realize that you’ve got something special about you. In her third  studio album, singer-songwriter Allie X  takes the challenges she’s faced as an aspiring musician, and in turn uses them to her advantage to create …