Big L.A. Portrait, Small Affair

Share: Don’t come to the Big L.A. Portrait Gallery under the impression that there will be swarms of people, booming music and too many art installations to see. This isn’t the event in which others’ fever about an artwork spreads and makes everyone feverish before they can even judge it themselves. This isn’t an event to meet people or be seen; it’s a chance to appreciate art while being in a state of relaxation—appreciation in a purer form. Follow:

Hereditary fails as a horror film

Share: Ari Aster’s “Hereditary” opened on Friday, June 8, 2018, and was immediately met with complimentary reviews from numerous outlets, bolstering its advertisements proclaiming it as the scariest film of the year, or in ages, or some other ostensibly impressive amount of time. However, despite several promising elements, the film as a whole is an utter failure as a horror movie. From the cliches to the tonal mistakes to the thoughtless visual style, horrendous pacing, and almost consummate lack of scares, the film falls far …