An innovative breakfast cafe “Lincoln Cafe and Store,” managed by the owners of Little Flower Co. serve gourmet coffee, breakfast,and lunch. They also provide their own home packaged products made from locally grown produce and an additional home accessory store next door.

Having opened two years ago, there is an almost hidden  store of interesting options from the cafe “Lincoln Cafe and Store”.

The comfortable nature of this place is backed up with the the aroma of fresh pastries and food being pumped out by the staff who can be seen right over the counter.

Plenty of spacious seating inside and outside is inviting enough for you to want to sit down and enjoy the greenhouse-feel type of atmosphere.

“It’s special here because you can always see how fresh everything is being made right behind me and the products they also sell here kinda makes it like a grocery store. It’s very transparent,” barista Amanda Wright said.

Little Flower Co. displays a variety of things within the cafe that you can supply your kitchen starting off with their own home-packaged products such as pastas, olives, fruit spreads, jellies, assorted flavored pickles, beet pickles, salads, and even their own taffies and candies—all made from locally grown ingredients.

They do not only provide you with their own branded products, but also other brands of interesting olive oils, salts, condiments, and candies.

“People love coming in here for specific breakfast and pastries made in the morning and always sell out,” barista Anto Jimenez said.

Some of these pastries and breakfast items include the classic croissant, french toast, breakfast burrito, and pancakes. The specialty is the breakfast bowl, which consists of white beans, sausage, onion, fennel, poached eggs, and greens.

Their lunch menu provides sandwiches such as a tuna melt, turkey pesto, grilled cheese, burgers, and a pastrami reuben. Both baristas highly recommended the grilled salmon and avocado as Anto muttered the words “bomb” while pulling an espresso shot for a customer.

I inquired on currently available pastries to have with coffee and the barista Anto had no problem in guiding me through the unique variety of pastries that were still freshly made and available.

“The flavors of pastries and muffins really depend on what fruits and flavors are grown throughout every season,” Anto said.

There was a blueberry bran muffin, matcha snickerdoodle, bourbon scones, gluten free pastries, and the seasonal chocolate and strawberry muffin.

Their coffee menu is just like your typical cafe, serving options such as cafe au lait, espresso, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, cold brew, and teas. I chose the mochi cake and ordered a single shot of espresso over ice.

I was informed that their coffee grinds are from an LA based coffee company called Stumptown and were using a blend of coffee called “Hairbender” made from beans coming from Indonesia, Latin America, and Africa.

The mochi cake pastry was a pleasant surprise of chewy, sweet, scrumptious and most importantly, very fresh. Being a barista myself, I found the shot of espresso coffee to be strong, flavorful, and bold. The smokiness of the brew let me know that these grinds were really fresh and maintained very well.

My whole experience in this cafe made me feel like I was in a very comfortable, welcoming, grocery store cafe that served gourmet-caliber food and pastries. Due to the time I chose to come in, it made me only want to come back to experience the curious breakfast menu that I missed out on.

In addition to this wonderful Cafe, they have a supply of seasonal colored decorative pillows, seasonal candies, gift cards, office supplies, art supplies, silverware, cookbooks, toys, and even clothing next door.

You can find this cafe on 1992 Lincoln Ave. Pasadena, California. Their hours are  6:30AM to 6:00PM from Monday to Saturday and open on Sundays from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

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