Police Blotter: Homeless person found in bushes to receive psychiatric evaluation

Share: Monday, April 10 Officer Gonzales assisted Pasadena Police Department with a wanted subject outside of campus. The subject was transported by the Pasadena Fire Department. The Circadian area was checked as a student reported gas odor near the area, however no odor was detected. A subject was making racists comments towards a woman. The subject was detained, counseled and then released. A hit and run occurred in Lot 4. The D Building was reported for vandalism, and graffiti was found. Tuesday, April 11 Officer …

Lancers’ Lives: Siblings who stick together, slay together

Share: Christian and Kennedy Crumbles have been living in Pasadena while going to PCC for over a year and a half. Christian was 17 when he registered for PCC, while Kennedy started at ELAC when she was 16, and transferred to PCC last year. The siblings not only take the same interest in biology but also hiking, adventuring. Christian is also making music while Kennedy is modeling on the side. Follow:

Another reason not to drink Pepsi

Share: Now I’ve never been a Pepsi fan. Given the choice, I’d take a Coke every time. I’ve also never understood why a large majority of my generation is obsessed with the Kardashians. But if I thought I despised them before they trivialized decades of civil rights protests and the recent Black Lives Matter movements in a mere two-and-a-half minutes, I surely loathe them now. Follow: