Music Department presents a night of Folk

In tribute to the effervescent folk theme of the night, the students and staff of PCC’s Music department performed “Suites to Sambas” on Friday, April 15 in the Sexson Auditorium where music instructors took to performing for the surprised audience.The show opened up with the college and community concert band and their tune of a sea shanty composition that featured a variation of meters and a suite composed up various renditions of recognizable jingles.

Market featuring students’, faculty artwork to be held in Pasadena

One Colorado is again hosting the Art & Design Open Market on Sunday. Open Market is a chance for art students, faculty and alumni from PCC and Art Center College of Design to meet each other, see each other’s artwork and sell their artwork. The event is free and open to the public, which can choose from an array of prints, photography, sculpture and fine art created by local artists.

Search for new VPs approved

Despite the objections of both the PCC Faculty Association and the Academic Senate, the Board of Trustees has approved a search for six senior administrative positions.The positions to be filled are vice presidents of Computer Technology, Administrative Services, Student Services, Educational Services, Human Resources and a General Counsel position.

Students participate in Hands Across California to raise funds

Students, faculty, and residents of nearby cities assembled together in front of the Mirror Pools at PCC to form a human chain in an effort to raise funds for scholarships for California’s community college students on April 17. The event was one of several that were held throughout the state in support of Hands Across California, in an attempt to reach out to communities for the purpose of awareness and fundraising.