I was a democrat, but now I just consider myself a liberal – largely because of the actions of the current president. We wanted things to be different, and honestly I didn’t expect changes to be dramatic, but I had been hoping for something closer to the previous Clinton Administration. Instead what did we get? Bush 2.0.

No longer do we have the incoherent bully spewing out a different reality; we have the new and improved version.

He says what we like to hear how we like to hear it, but still does mainly the same things Bush did.

Bush took us into two wars: Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama had the United Nation’s approval to engage in an offensive conflict in Libya. They call it a no-fly zone, but when you are shelling military targets with missiles and killing civilians, it is war.

When asked under what circumstances does the president have the authority to bomb Iraq without seeking a use-of-force authorization from Congress, Obama answered: “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

He went on to add: “As Commander-in-Chief, the President does have a duty to protect and defend the United States. In instances of self defense, the President would be within his constitutional authority to act before advising Congress or seeking its consent. History has shown us time and again, however, that military action is most successful when it is authorized and supported by the Legislative branch. It is always preferable to have the informed consent of Congress prior to any military action.”

Once again Obama has betrayed his own stated beliefs now that he is in power.

And let us not forget one of the many purposes of the war on Libya – and it is a war. If you disagree, please think back to how we began Iraq and Afghanistan: we shelled them with missiles from long range before we sent in ground troops. Obama himself admitted there would be man power in his speech on Libya; he stated “in that effort, the United States will play a supporting role – including intelligence, logistical support, search and rescue assistance, and capabilities to jam regime communications. Because of this transition to a broader, NATO-based coalition, the risk and cost of this operation – to our military and to American taxpayers – will be reduced significantly.”

The Arab league who petitioned for the No Fly Zone immediately withdrew its support once the coalition began dropping bombs and killing civilians instead of actually establishing a no fly zone.

Libya’s true purpose is not to help the Libyans. It is, in my not so humble opinion, to distract from all the revolutions around the world right now.

The nations of Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, and even Iran have all been working toward whatever they perceive as freedom. All of these revolutions are directly linked to massive worldwide corruption that includes ties to our own government.

Personally, I am disappointed and feel betrayed by the Obama administration as a student and citizen of this country.

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