For the first time ever, the Pasadena Playhouse will be offering discounted prices for all students. Kim Mendez, Assistant Box Office Manager says that The Playhouse tickets normally range from 40-50 dollars but students will now have the opportunity to purchase “Rush Tickets”. “Most shows start at 8:00 but if a student comes in an hour early, they will be able to purchase a rush ticket, which will only cost 20 dollars.” Mendez said.

Mendez explained that The Playhouse also has shows that play in the Carry Hamilton Theater, which holds about 99 people, aside from the main theater which holds 600.

“Tickets for the upcoming show “Cyclops” which will be held in the Carry Hamilton Theater will only cost as low as10 dollars for students if they show up an hour early” Mendez said.

“George Gershwin Alone” starts April 12th and will be playing until May 8th. It will be held in the main theater as well as “Twist”, which is “an American Musical” that begins June 14.

For more information on how to purchase tickets or find out about coming shows call (626) 356-7529 or visit their website at

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