Volunteer professors, staff members and students read short poems from their favorite authors or original compositions they wrote on their own as about 50 people attended the Lotus Club’s “National Poetry Month Celebration” at the Campus Center on April 14.The first half of the event featured faculty and staff readings with the last half student readings.

Former Extended Learning poetry instructor Urith L. Walker was called by popular demand to read one of her pieces “Melody”.

“Once people had the courage to read, it influenced others to start reading. The students felt comfort and acceptance,” said Walker.

“It was a great turnout,” said Lotus Club President, Rhiana McGaughey. “Poetry bought students and the professors together, which is great because there were no boundaries. For a split second, we were all just a bunch of people at an event.”

The event also had a competition, awarding five readers who were the most thoughtful and passionate about their pieces. The five readers received copies of “Then Sings My Soul” by Walker.

One of the winners, Paris Matic, a student, was caught by surprise when the winners were announced. Matic’s piece, “300 Pounds of Hunger”, attracted a crowd response that she didn’t expect, and she received a positive vibe.

“I’m glad the audience understood my poem and got the humor out of it,” said Matic.

Student, Andres Trigueros, was also surprised when he won for his “on-the-spot” piece, “Eulogy Of A Felon,” which was inspired by his brother who is in prison.

“I like the quality that the readers offered,” said Trigueros. “They had good rhythm and knew what they were talking about.”

“It was really interesting, I’m not really into poetry, but I enjoyed watching the readers express themselves,” said student, Elizabeth Candelario.

Urith Walker reads poems from her book “Then Sings My Soul (Louis C. Cheung)

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