Calendar Committee to propose academic calendar with winter intersession to College Council

Share: Despite discord among committee members, student groups and faculty over the proposed reinstatement of winter intersession—culminating in the Associated Students formally agreeing to support winter and voting to censure English professor Roger Marheine—the Calendar Committee will submit an academic calendar including a winter term to the College Council. Follow:

EDITORIAL: Cancelling winter intersession was illegal judge finds

Share: “Based on the foregoing findings of fact and conclusions of law, and the entire record in this case, it is found that the Pasadena Area Community College District violated the Education Employment Relations Act…by unilaterally implementing a trimester calendar.” This was the finding last week by administrative law judge Alicia Clement from the State of California Public Employment Relations Board. In other words the judge found that cancelling winter intersession was illegal. Almost everyone on campus warned the administration and the District not to …