After encountering the first day of registration chaos on April 8 for Extended Spring, countless students were left confused, angry and without classes after they were not able to access online registration services.

Many students immediately rushed to line up at the Student Services Center to try and manually register for Extended Spring classes, completely up in arms and outraged after being reassured by registration clerks that they needed to continue trying to log in to Lancerlink. Although there was no priority registration for Extended Spring, this disaster shouldn’t be incredibly surprising to students.

With the overwhelming demand for classes by students, the seemingly ancient Lancerlink registration could not handle the number of students trying to access the website at once. With so many students caught off guard by the system crash, frustration and impatience mounted towards registration clerks on campus and administration members. But should all the anger have been directed at these workers? It seems that most of their advice was simply ignored in the heat of the moment.

A large amount of people were unaware that since the current spring semester was still in session, the Lancerlink system would not allow priority registration to be used twice. Having trouble getting classes at PCC due to overcrowding and demand for classes is unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary, even with priority registration for returning students.

With that in mind, the repeated threats towards registration clerks in the Student Services Center only added to the chaos and made the registration process more difficult for all people involved.

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