Women entrepreneur panel compass for successful start-ups

Share: Julia Akman said that her parents, small business owners, instilled in her a good work ethic and she used her job as a corporate buyer to learn every facet of the business, from accounting to quality control. One day, while ironing, she was distracted by her cat and burned straight through her husband’s pants. She was so frustrated, that she purchased a steamer and fell in love with it. But she knew she could do better. She created SALAV, which now produces a number …

English professor discusses literature in the Anthropocene

Share: For hundreds of years, our perception of nature as a momentous, constant force was exemplified in literature by cascading waterfalls, snow-tipped mountains and dependability of the seasons. But as the planet warms and the climate changes, professor Robert Oventile told PCC students Tuesday that the way we interpret literature from the past and write new literature is also changing. Follow: