After months of denial during his impeachment hearing, President Donald Trump, now invigorated after the vindication of his impeachment, has publicly admitted to sending his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine in order to achieve political gain, a complete unethical reversal from his stance in Nov. 2019.

Trump’s contradiction was publicized on Feb. 11 during an interview on Roadkill with podcast with host and journalist Geraldo Rivera. According to Tom Porter of Business Insider, just eight days after his impeachment acquittal, Trump contradicted a key principle he used in his impeachment defense when he openly admitted sending Giuliani to Ukraine in order to find dirt on Joe Biden, a potential 2020 presidential opponent, meaning that Trump completely lied while under oath.

During the interview, when Rivera asked if it was strange to send his personal lawyer to the Ukraine and if he regretted doing so, the president did not respond with the same answer he had given during his testimony.

“Not at all,” said Trump, “Rudy was a great crime fighter.”

Marshall Cohen wrote in CNNPolitics that Giuliani played a key role in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump’s impeachment, and yet here he is today, openly admiring the same actions that forced him to fight for his presidency. After trying to distance himself from Giuliani through the entire impeachment inquiry, Trump further praised his lawyer calling him, “the greatest mayor in the history of the city of New York.” Yet another blow to the American people who believed him and stood behind his statements.

Although surprising, the sudden backpedal from statements made during his impeachment inquiry, just three months earlier was not a complete shock to many, as Trump has previously been caught on film contradicting himself on multiple occasions, further illuminating a pattern of deceitful behavior by the president. Such behavior only helps the audience to understand that Trump flatout lied in a court of law, under oath when he denied sending Giuliani to Ukraine.

As if that wasn’t enough, throughout the podcast interview, Trump continues to justify his relationship with Giuliani, a relationship that he made very little of while his presidency was on the line. Now, emboldened after his impeachment acquittal, Trump had no problem referring to Giuliani as an asset to his campaign and even dragged the FBI into his excuses.

“I deal with the [James] Comeys of the world, or I deal with Rudy,” Trump said, “I was given a very bad taste of our intelligent departments, they spied on my campaign.”

The interview with Rivera only proves that Trump has no backbone and will say what he needs to, in order to be politically correct, which changes depending which audience he is addressing. The latest backpedal from the president should serve as a lesson to all, that a shady businessman, who scammed thousands of students out of millions of dollars through an unaccredited university scam, should have no place in the White House.

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