PCC Football ‘army’ and invincible Badminton Lancers are ready for 2021

Share: The last time the PCC Football team was on the field they went 6-4, their first winning record since 2008. And for the first time in 45 years, they had back-to-back shutouts while closing down the season in second place in the SCFA American Pacific League. Lancers defeated their opponents 98-2 over their last three games. After his third season, coach Steven Mojarro has the Lancers on the right track. The winning has certainly helped the team in the recruiting department.  Follow:

Remembering notorious RBG

Share: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, cultural, legal and feminist icon, died at age 87 from complications of metatastic cancer. Justice Ginsburg served on the Supreme Court for 27 years, becoming one of its most prominent members. Ginsburg was a strong advocate for gender equality and women’s rights throughout her lifelong career. Follow:

World Athletics organization cites science without knowing the science?

Share: Olympic 800-meter champion Caster Semenya lost her appeal against the Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT) which will allow the World Athletics organization to ban Semenya from defending her title unless she takes testosterone suppressing medication. The argument that testosterone gives Semenya an unfair advantage is an argument built on inaccurate scientific studies and begs the question, is it fair for all or some? Semenya was born with no advantages than any other hard-training athlete. Follow:

Pumpkin craft DIY to get kids in Halloween spirit

Share: Kids dressed up in costumes knocking on everyone’s door for candy is one of the Halloween traditions. Pumpkins carved with scary faces with candles inside is one of the many activities families can do for this specific holiday. Keeping children in the holiday spirit can be a challenge for parents, especially with Covid-19 pretty much guaranteeing there won’t be trick or treating. With millions of crafts to choose from this simple Halloween DIY gives younger kids an opportunity to bond with family and friends …

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ still persists in politics

Share: Andrew Gillum, former mayor of Tallahassee and gubernatorial candidate, was considered a rising star in the Democratic party. In March, several media outlets reported that Gillum was one of three men who was found inebriated with crystal meth in a Miami hotel room. One of the men was a known gay male escort. Gillum’s critics casted judgments on his sexuality, which raised questions about the acceptance of the LGBTQ community in politics. So while America alleges to be this open, inclusive and diverse society, …

Schitt’s Emmys, Zendaya’s ‘Euphoria,’ and Tyler Perry’s quilt?

Share: The camera pans between numerous celebrities sitting in the audience as Jimmy Kimmel goes through his opening monologue. From Keegan-Michael Key to Meryl Streep to even Kimmel himself sitting in front of Ted Danson, all laughing along with Kimmel’s jokes. The host then feigns confusion as to why he sees himself in the audience only for the camera to zoom out to a wide shot to reveal a hollow auditorium vacant of attendees.  “Of course we don’t have an audience,” Kimmel said. “This isn’t …

Women’s basketball coach looks to Chicago for new recruits

Share: Coach Joseph Peron has led the women’s basketball team to over 500 victories and a championship while maneuvering over a myriad of obstacles and hurdles over the past 25 years. And even when COVID-19 stuck out its ugly face and postponed the season, he didn’t let it stop him. Covid-19 did not stand in between Peron and the new recruits this season. Follow:

SweatFest makes home workouts a party on IG Live

Share: During the past six months of pandemic restrictions, it has been a challenge to find ways to get enough exercise to keep from turning into a gelatinous blob. Although LA County gyms, yoga studios and fitness facilities continue to suffer from “outside only” limitations, Angelenos have found creative ways to keep in shape while staying connected to the outer world at large. In the early days of the lockdown, acclaimed choreographer Ryan Heffington became an unlikely touchstone for wellness activity, which rapidly spread around …