A UBI plan is as welcome as IBS, no thank you.

Share: Universal basic income [UBI] is a temporary bandage for a hemorrhaging economy clinging to life support with no relief in sight. Policy makers both nationally and in CA are considering the UBI put forth by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. This measure would attempt to counter the growing number of unemployed residents who have lost jobs that are considered non-essential due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  Policy makers have a habit of ban-waggoning as seen with CA now introducing a bill that would provide an …

What oil war? Why California doesn’t care

Share: With California being the top consumer of fuel additives, which helps maintain the highest standards for fuel emissions, California, logically, would be expected to be hit hard by the recent oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. That’s simply not the case though, and Californian residents should rest easy, knowing the two bickering nations will have no effect on their next trip to get gas. Follow: