Don’t risk your life to go see ‘Tenet’

Imagine a James Bond movie with a twist of science fiction and a complicated redefined time-travel told backwards. Christopher Nolan once again attempts to explore the concept of time in great details in his latest blockbuster “Tenet.” The film has a complex, mind-boggling and complicated plot that shouldn’t be appealing enough for viewers to consider risking their health for the film since it is only available on the big screen. 

‘Mulan’ live-action remake leaves audiences confused and alienated

A live-action remake of Disney’s 1998 animated film “Mulan” premiered on Disney+ on September 4, and will be available for standard Disney+ subscribers on December 4. The main message from “Mulan” is to embrace oneself and to not be what others want you to become. However, the live action film manages to make the audience feel even more confused and alienated than before. 

Pixar’s ‘Onward’: The next children’s classic

Following the formula to pull on heartstrings with an extraordinary quest, a devoted big brother and a teen trying to find his way, “Onward” is incredibly moving. “Onward” takes place in a fantasy world, but is centered around common, realistic problems. The story follows two elf brothers, Ian and Barley, on a mission to find any remaining magic in their world. Their eager quest is fueled by a heart-felt story of loss. The two brothers defy all the odds against them while discovering their individual …

‘Joker’: The man underneath the paint

Dark, depressing, and undeniably disturbing, recent movie release “Joker” tells the story of Gotham’s most famous villain in the most melancholic manner. This is an excellent work with cruel and heartbreaking twists that make the skin crawl. Filled to the brim with creepy cringiness, this film will shock and rattle viewers scene after scene.

‘Ad Astra’: An out of this world experience about oneself

Overshadowed by “Downton Abbey,” James Gray’s “Ad Astra” fell short at the box office with a $19.2 million debut but measures up to an unusual delight. The film will give the audience a blend of Sandra Bullock’s lonely journey in “Gravity” and Matthew McConaughey’s emotional adventure in “Interstellar.” Brad Pitt stars in this futuristic space cowboy movie that explores a distant relationship between father and son. You’ll love the visuals, praise the acting, and empathize with the plot. 

‘Hustlers’ offers only a tease

“Hustlers” rustled up a strong premiere this past weekend, earning $33.2 million, but despite the film being a great way to spend a couple of hours watching an all-female cast imitate Robin Hood, it lacks the depth and cohesion found in its comparable predecessor, “Ocean’s 8.” While “Hustlers” breaks open the dark underbelly of corporate men during the recession of 2008, it offers shallow fun and character chemistry issues. So, why watch it?

“Good Boys”: A naughty journey through adolescence

The birds and the bees talk? The first kiss? Running out of a frat house with a fist full of drugs after assaulting the members of delta sig? “Good Boys” is a solid movie to see for a gut busting laugh, a worrisome cringe, a flash of childhood and growing up. The film allows for the audience to relive painfully embarrassing childhood memories and remember times when life was just a little simpler. 

Netflix Original “Wine Country” is a recipe for crying and sharing feelings

Netflix’s new release “Wine Country” stars comedians Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and more. It tells the story about a  group of friends who met in the 90’s while working in Chicago as waitresses at a pizza parlor named Antonio’s. In this film the friends take a trip to Napa to celebrate their friend Rebecca (Rachel Dratch) 50th birthday. Anxious yet mellow Rebecca is a therapist who has not accepted the fact her husband Brian does not do anything to contribute or benefit her in life. …

“We the Animals,” a beautiful dream

Filmmaker Jeremiah Zagar’s whimsical and potent feature film “We the Animals” hit Netflix at the beginning of this year after its limited run in theaters.  Based on the 2011 Justin Torres novel, the film follows Jonah (Evan Rosado) in a powerful debut performance. Jonah is the youngest of three brothers growing up in a mixed-race, working class family in upstate New York, stumbling along a turbulent road to self-discovery. After an awards season of immense critical praise for the generic, feel-good examination of race and …