Election breakdown: California, what is on your ballot?

Share: The presidential election is the current hot topic, eagerly awaited and dominates the media immensely. The general election will take place on November 3 but the next president isn’t the only thing on the ballot. California voters will determine the outcome of 12 statewide ballot measures that, if approved, will take effect once the election results are finalized in December. The proposition topics vary from property taxes, criminal justice and workplace regulations. Follow:

Remembering notorious RBG

Share: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, cultural, legal and feminist icon, died at age 87 from complications of metatastic cancer. Justice Ginsburg served on the Supreme Court for 27 years, becoming one of its most prominent members. Ginsburg was a strong advocate for gender equality and women’s rights throughout her lifelong career. Follow:

Don’t risk your life to go see ‘Tenet’

Share: Imagine a James Bond movie with a twist of science fiction and a complicated redefined time-travel told backwards. Christopher Nolan once again attempts to explore the concept of time in great details in his latest blockbuster “Tenet.” The film has a complex, mind-boggling and complicated plot that shouldn’t be appealing enough for viewers to consider risking their health for the film since it is only available on the big screen.  Follow: