PCC athletes react to Olympics ban on political expression

Share: Albert Einstein said, “those who ignore history are doomed to wear it.” There was conflict when the Olympics expelled Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos from the 1968 Mexico Olympics for raising their fists as a homage to the “Black power” movement. 53 years later, the Olympics is sparking discord by prohibiting another Black political movement, and PCC student-athletes have reasonable, but very different opinions on the subject. Follow:

‘LA is not ready to reopen’ says PCC pre-med club

Share: Children’s laughter, screams of joy, light music, fluffy cotton candy, and exciting rides are what people imagine when they talk about an amusement park – a place where good memories are created.  There are more than 20 amusement parks located in California, and 4 in Los Angeles. These parks have attracted tons of tourists and visitors in the past, helping the economy of California. Unfortunately, amusement parks were forced to close during the pandemic. However, as the cases in California continue to drop, Governor …

‘Will I become a victim’: PCC international students fear living in the U.S.

Share: Around 7 p.m., as the last bit of sunlight disappears, darkness takes over the world. A girl checks out from work and starts heading down the street that takes her home. Though it is not a long walk, only 10 minutes, the darkness that hides the unknown still makes her walk a bit faster, and her heart pumps louder than usual. As she turns at a corner, she sees a man not wearing a mask walking very quickly in the distance towards her. Every …

Anti-Asian racism hits close to home for PCC faculty?

Share: On the floor of Market Street, San Francisco, she lightly touches her eyes, where the pain is coming from. When she tries to open her eyes, to see what happened, all she sees is darkness.  Her body is shivering with anger, Cantonese phrases mumbling from her mouth. Though she can’t see, she is still a fighter. She stands up, and with her unwounded eye, she rushes to the man in front of her. Bam! She punches him back in the face.  Follow:

Mask up! It’s time for school

Share: After a year of isolation, depression, distancing, and studying from home, it is finally time for schools to reopen. As COVID-19 distanced society, schools all over the states were forced to close. Since the pandemic started in March 2020, AP News reported that 6.1 million California students from K-12 have studied remotely. As the number of confirmed cases continues to decrease, it’s planned for schools to reopen in mid-March and early April. Follow:

‘Raya’ soars with magic during COVID

Share: The newly released Disney animated film, “Raya and the Last Dragon”, is a family movie with complex themes. The film delivers three aspects to the audience: the glimpse of Southeast Asia, promotion of feminism, and addressing the current racism issues. The film consisted of beautiful animation, a charming sense of humor, and exciting actions. “Raya and the Last Dragon” is a huge success for Disney’s original story, it will leave the audience with a smile on their face, warmth in their heart, and hope …

Latinx panel urges student workers to embrace their backgrounds

Share: Latinx heritage month takes place from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. In celebration of the contributions and accomplishments of Latin Americans, and to educate students about Latin American culture, Pasadena City College is hosting panels and talks online. On Sept. 25, Robert G. Freeman Center hosted a panel entitled “Trabajo con Corazón!” over Zoom. The college invited a group of Latinx professionals to share their experiences, and to explain how they advanced in their career.  The event was hosted by Isabel Ochoa, the intern …

High tech is the new norm thanks to COVID

Share: Technology is a driving force for human civilization to progress and improve, its development has made life inseparable from it. Today, society is experiencing an integration of daily life and technology. Especially during the pandemic, technologies have helped to reduce the spread of the virus by replacing direct human contact with robots or remote communications. These new adjustments causing more frequent usage of these technologies will have a long-lasting effect across all industries beyond COVID-19 and in human history. Follow: