The birds and the bees talk? The first kiss? Running out of a frat house with a fist full of drugs after assaulting the members of delta sig? “Good Boys” is a solid movie to see for a gut busting laugh, a worrisome cringe, a flash of childhood and growing up. The film allows for the audience to relive painfully embarrassing childhood memories and remember times when life was just a little simpler.

Max, the trio’s leader, is played by the young and talented Jacob Tremblay. Tremblay, the winner of Critics’ Choice award for best young performer in the 2015 release “Room,” brings Max to life. He plays a loverboy who fears being grounded above all else.

Brady Noon plays Thor, the boozy 6th grader who may just want to sing a bit more than that 3rd sip of beer. Noon is known for co-playing Tommy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire for the first and third seasons. Thor’s dynamic and chaotic character are quite a change in personality for Noon.

Lucas, the lovable and worried one is played by Keith Williams. Known for playing Jasper in “Last Man On Earth,” Williams allows Lucas to give the trio some sense and guidance. It does not always go that way, as Lucas would just like to go home—preferably by not running across the freeway, again.

This combo of wild, worried and curious makes for a hilarious dynamic that will have the viewer howling. While “Good Boys” is certainly full of laughs, it is not without its flaws. The film often relies on sexual and toilet humor to get by. It relies on this crude humor so often that the jokes become predictable. After realizing that this journey will be an uphill battle, the trio decides they’ll need some defense. This is found in a bag of various sex toys that seem to answer all of life’s problems. If a weapon is needed, just use a dildo.

What about running away from the police? Just jam the door, with another dildo. Not too confident in kissing? Don’t worry, just practice on the sex doll. Even when the gang’s problem is as far-fetched as giving a gift to someone, one of the lewd trinkets is certainly the answer. So what if though those beads smell a little funny, they’ll make a great necklace for Max’s dream girl. Repeatedly using sex as a focal point for humor made “Good Boys” a bit stale. Despite these flaws, the kids are lively and adorable enough to keep the bits afloat. There are also a fair amount of jokes that require a double take and some thought.

Though a bit gross and unrestrained, it does actually have a sweet merit behind it. Once the toilet jokes and sex toys are gone, one finds that Max, Thor, and Lucas are realizing important things. What happens when a friend enters a relationship? How does a child deal with dramatic shake ups and trauma? Children grow up and learn everyday and these lessons stay with them.

This piece overall is downright ridiculous, chaotic and hilarious. Rated R for good reason, “Good Boys” will have a viewer wheezing, gagging or somewhere in between. At the end of the day the adult becomes the kid that grew up. Hopefully he was a good boy.


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