COVID-19: The latest updates for PCC

Share: Updated: June 3, 2020 at 1:02 p.m. This is the final update of this page for spring semester. The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has now disrupted the lives of L.A. County residents in some manner or another—and increasingly at Pasadena City College. Through county closures, CDC guidelines and online class transitions, there’s news everywhere.  Here at the Courier, our goal is to keep you updated on the latest developments for PCC and nearby affected areas. Check back here for the latest information …

The best hotdog you’ll ever have tastes better dirty

Share: As many Los Angeles natives know, street vendor hotdogs are the city’s staple, right next to street tacos. Whether it be the bacon-wrapped, guacamole topped “chubi-dubi” hotdog found in the downtown alleys or the most common hotdog served with ketchup and mustard, both are a must-have for Angelinos. Another thing that all street hotdogs have in common is that they are simply delicious. Dirt Dog takes hotdogs to a whole new level combining gourmet hotdogs and the highly loved street hotdog. Dirt Dog originally …

Women’s March LA omits Black Lives Matter for electoral focus

Share: Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) was excluded by organizers from officially participating in 2020’s annual Women’s March Los Angeles (WMLA), an event they have spoken at regularly, according to posts on BLMLA’s social media in mid-January. “WMLA did not invite Black Lives Matter to participate, failed to respond to an email request for inclusion, and further refused speaking time during a subsequent telephone conversation,” BLMLA said in an official instagram post. “This marks the first time that BLMLA will not participate.” Follow:

Morgan St. Jean: The makings of a true artist

Share: In a tiny little home studio somewhere in the midst of L.A., lies a room full of guitars and keyboards and fancy synth machines. The plethora of musical possibilities is enough to make any musician’s imagination run wild. This is how it all happens, right? A single recording in someone’s basement and suddenly you get lucky enough to “make it” in Los Angeles. Follow:

An appreciation of Latino culture through art

Share: When you think of Los Angeles a lot comes into mind. From the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, to the beaches of Santa Monica and to the people that make Los Angeles such an incredible place. The Latino culture of LA has had an incredible impact in the community with their music and art. Over the weekend, LA had an opportunity to appreciate the work and culture of Latino artists in the community.   Follow:

Photo student focuses her lens on Hollywood celebs

Share: Sitting in the quad, a young lady looked through the content on her camera, observed her surroundings and stumbled upon a very unique shot that caught the attention of many students around campus. Students wondered with curiosity about her approach and interest with her camera. Emerson Lee Eoff, a 20 year old photographer from Bakersfield, has come to Pasadena City College (PCC) to pursue her passion in becoming a celebrity portrait photographer. Follow:

Get your end of summer kicks at the LA Fair

Share: The Los Angeles County Fair ends the summer with a reminiscent drive down Route 66. Hosting its yearly festivities, the fair’s theme pays homage to Route 66 and the slogan urges attendees to “Get Your Kicks… at the LA Fair.” The fair’s activities include 68 rides, over 100 food vendors, sixteen main stage artist performances and countless arcade booths throughout the Pomona fairgrounds. There are numerous amounts of expo halls and photo opts for children and the whole family to partake in during the …

Local athletes bring home six Olympic medals

Share: As the Olympic closing ceremony concluded in PyeongChang, South Korea Sunday night, six out of the eleven athletes representing the greater Los Angeles area at this year’s Olympic games will be returning home with medals. USA’s delegation at this year’s Olympic Games was comprised of 244 athletes, and 22 of them consider California their home, according to Team USA. 11 of these athletes call the greater Los Angeles area their home. And while Los Angeles may seem like the place for summer sports, a …