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The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has now disrupted the lives of L.A. County residents in some manner or another—and increasingly at Pasadena City College. Through county closures, CDC guidelines and online class transitions, there’s news everywhere.

Here at the Courier, our goal is to keep you updated on the latest developments for PCC and nearby affected areas. Check back here for the latest information on campus life and more as we all navigate through this closure.


— MAY 15: PCC has decided to make Fall 2020 primarily online, according to an email to staff on Friday. The only courses that will be offered in a face-to-face environment are those that cannot be delivered in online forms. For some courses, a hybrid of online and face-to-face instruction may be necessary.

— MAY 1: PCC has made the decision to move all summer 2020 courses online, according to an email to staff on Friday. “This is a very recent decision, so we are currently working through the details of converting courses that were originally scheduled face-to-face and identifying what level of training and support faculty will need,” said Dr. Terry Giugni, assistant superintendent/vice president of instruction.

— MARCH 30: PCC will continue remote instruction to the end of spring semester, according to an email sent to staff. All classes will continue through remote access, wherever possible. Spring commencement is moved to next year (spring 2021).

— MARCH 28: The Lancer Pantry will be open for one distribution day a week on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., starting April 3, according to a statement from officials to the Courier. Note: This was canceled again on April 1. See, here, for more information on accessing gift cards for food.

— MARCH 24: The Lancer Pantry is ceasing all operations following L.A. County public health guidance. Other campus resources are continuing to operate remotely.

MARCH 19: PCC officials announced in an email that from now on only essential personnel will be required to come to campus. This is in accordance with the “safer at home” public health order as adopted by L.A. County. Essential personnel will be notified by their supervisors if they are required to come to campus, and have been directed to stay at home until then.

— MARCH 16: PCC announced that the campus closure will be extended to April 19.

— MARCH 14: PCC announced it’s restricting student and public access to the college effective March 18 to 29 after L.A. County saw an increase in cases. All students will be denied entry to the campus.

— MARCH 12: PCC announced it’s canceling all face-to-face classes scheduled to take place March 16 and 17 to allow faculty to have adequate time to fully transition to remote instruction. All sports games and practices are also suspended as a precaution until further notice.

— MARCH 11: The City of Pasadena Public Health Department confirms the city’s first case of the coronavirus. (This marked the 32nd case of the virus in the greater Los Angeles area.)

— MARCH 10: PCC announces that it is converting in-person classes to remote instruction wherever possible as a precaution against the novel coronavirus, effective from March 18 to April 20.

— MARCH 4: The City of Pasadena’s public health officer declares a state of emergency, which prompts PCC to direct faculty to loosen attendance and classwork requirements.


Because this situation is evolving so rapidly, it’s important to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 by reading the latest guidelines for gatherings and care for symptoms—especially if you’re immunocompromised.

— For directions from the Center of Disease Control, check here.

— For directions from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, check here.


Reported cases: 937; Deaths: 83

— For information regarding the city of Pasadena, check here.

— APRIL 4: Two deaths have been reported in Pasadena as a result of COVID-19. These are the first deaths experienced by the city. According to the LA Times, both of the victims were over 40 and had underlying health conditions.

— MARCH 23: The number of COVID-19 in the city cases doubles to six. The three newest patients likely contracted the disease through community spread, according to the Pasadena Public Health Department on Monday evening.

— MARCH 19: The City of Pasadena is joining L.A. County in adhering to the “Safer at Home” public health order.

— MARCH 18: The City of Pasadena announced a round of closures of local services to the public, such as the Central Library (and branches), city hall and others. All city recreation and community centers are closed to the public. The YMCA Food Program will continue at Jackie Robinson and Villa-Parke Community Centers. All city parks and their restrooms remain open. Public access to the Pasadena Police Department’s lobby will be limited. For more information on these and other changes, see here.

— MARCH 16: The City of Pasadena announced its second case of COVID-19, hours after City Manager Steve Mermell declared an order for all restaurants, bars and gyms to close.


Reported cases: 57,118; Deaths: 2,443

(This information includes cases reported by Long Beach and Pasadena Health Departments)

— For information regarding L.A. County, check here.

— MAY 13: Face coverings are mandatory in the county.

— MAY 12: The stay-at-home orders for L.A. County will extend into the summer but restrictions will be gradually relaxed, according to Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

— APRIL 10: L.A. County extends the stay at home order to May 15.

— APRIL 7: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered all people to wear face coverings while shopping at essential businesses or interacting with the public.

— MARCH 27: All L.A. County public beaches, including bathrooms, piers, promenades, and bike paths, are closed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

— MARCH 27: “Less than a week, really I think only six days, we have gone from 409 cases to 1465 cases we’ve more than tripled the number of people here in L.A. County,” according to Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Public Health Department during their daily press conference. “317 cases have at some point, been hospitalized and that’s about 22% of all positive cases. At this point in L.A. County. Unfortunately, 1.8%, slightly under 2% of people who have tested positive, have died.”

MARCH 19: L.A. County officials issued the “safer-at-home” public health order, which directed the closure of all non-essential businesses. This follows a similar statewide order also introduced Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Under these orders, L.A. County residents are directed to avoid gathering in enclosed areas with more than 10 other people. For more information about what will be open, check here.

— MARCH 16: L.A. County officials issued an order for all bars, clubs, theaters, entertainment centers and fitness centers to be closed until further notice. Restaurants will be permitted to serve takeout or delivery food only and grocery stores may remain open.


— Need a laptop? PCC is lending Chromebooks. Submit your information, here.

— The Personal Counseling department is offering triage teletherapy appointments for students who need someone to talk to. These do not count towards the semester’s free session limit. Read more on how to schedule your session, here.

— Check out PCC’s remote campus guide for other resources on food, internet and more.


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(Please keep in mind that information around COVID-19 is still evolving. This information does not replace professional medical advice. For questions regarding your health, always consult a physician.)

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