Ryan Mccoy/Courier Olvera art walk poster featured on Saturday, October 6th, 2018.

When you think of Los Angeles a lot comes into mind. From the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, to the beaches of Santa Monica and to the people that make Los Angeles such an incredible place. The Latino culture of LA has had an incredible impact in the community with their music and art. Over the weekend, LA had an opportunity to appreciate the work and culture of Latino artists in the community.

The 5th annual Olvera Street Muertos Art Walk took place on October 6th where more than 40 artists sold and showcased their work to the community. Artists had a wide variety of art to share including paintings, vases, tee shirts, plants and music that makes Latino art stand out and appreciated by everyone. There was live entertainment provided by multiple Aztec impressionists who walked around the event taking pictures and music provided by a pan flute band. Spectators and artists had a great time sharing and appreciating Latino art and culture including artist Mirna Ortiz, who’s been showcasing her work the last 3 years at the event.

“A lot more people are starting to show up and be aware of our culture,” Ortiz said. “A lot of people do this event as a tribute to the people who have passed away as a way to celebrate their lives.”

A majority of the artwork that was noticed was related to the upcoming Mexican holiday known as Dia De Muertos (The Day of the Dead). The three day holiday from October 31st to November 2nd is a time of celebration in which families and friends come together to pray to their loved ones who have died and passed on to their spiritual journey in the afterlife.

When it comes to the cultural significance of the Art Walk, many people shared their support of local latino artists in the Los Angeles area sharing their art, whether that be through paintings, music or dancing, Caroline McElroy, who has attended this event for the past two years, has expressed how interesting it is to take in and appreciate something new.

“I think it brings people together to celebrate; everybody has relatives that have passed away,” McElroy said. “This has always made more sense to me than Halloween.” (referring to the Day of the Dead)

This event is also an opportunity for those to create a better understanding of one’s culture as expressed by Nick Sciulli who’s attending the event for the first time.

“I’m trying to expand my horizons, understand my culture and see what LA has to offer,” Sciulli said. “It’s very authentic, very real and I can’t complain and I’m glad I took some time out of my day to attend.”

Events like the Olvera Street Art Walk are a great opportunity to appreciate and learn about the Latino culture of Angelinos in the city. Whether you have Latino heritage or not, appreciating the hard work of those who share their culture through art is worth taking the time to experience.

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