PCC’s attendance numbers spring up this semester

Share: Thanks to the “Spring into Action! With +1 class” promotional message that was sent to thousands of students and posted on the school’s website, PCC is on its way to achieve its 2017 full-time equivalent students (FTES) goal of 25,257 students. According to PCC’s latest FTES report from 2016-2017, which doesn’t report on non-credit completion and summer enrollment, the school’s FTES is now at 22,646 students and overall 93 percent of enrollment rate for classes. School administrators are focusing on reaching the state’s target …

Stable tax rate will aid classmates and teachers

Share: Popular hobbies of students here include spending hours refreshing the PCC Book Sale Facebook page, moaning “I need this class,” upon every class registration season, and hunting for events on campus that include free food. These scenarios prove how college is a true test of money management. Voting ‘no’ on Prop 55 ultimately asks for these episodes to continue. Follow: