When will braille signs improve? Here’s the schedule

Share: Some of the braille signs that allow the visually impaired students to move around campus have been fixed, while others are still waiting to be either repaired or simply enhanced. Two previous articles (one in October 2016 and one in Febraury 2016) discussed the opportunity to label in braille not only the room number but also what the room is used for, and although it has been done for the bathrooms in the C building, now showing in braille not only the room number …

16-year-old PCC debate student brings home gold

Share: Sadia Khan is a gold prize winner in the art of persuasion who can’t fully grasp how good she is no matter what argument people will use to convince her. She is sitting in the back row of her speech and debate class when a writer from the Courier enters the room to look for her. She’s surprised that the campus publication wants to profile her, but is ready to chat about her life-changing experiences at PCC. Follow:

Feeling the burn with Hot 8 Yoga

Share: I voluntarily drove to Hot 8 Yoga and walked into their artificially heated studios three mornings in a row at the exact same time that my husband was escaping the humid heat of Ahmedabad’s streets in India, finding relief in his air-conditioned hotel room. While he’s dreading the high temperatures of his Indian business trip, back home, I’m paying to sweat. Follow:

Associated Students Meeting: March 29, 2017

Share: The Health Center announced there will be movie night next Thursday, April 6th. The Hunting Ground is about college students who have been raped on campus and who face retaliation as they fight for justice. Also, they said they are planning a suicide prevention training for students and staff in the near future (no details). On April 5th, at 6pm, the AS will have a joint meeting with the B.O.T. On April 12 the AS will hold their meeting at the Rosemead campus. Student …