Active shooter drill: how PCC prepared

Share: While campus shootings are unpredictable, students and staff should know where to go and what to do the second they hear a pulled trigger. For the protection of the campus, Campus Safety provided an active shooter training to prepare everyone for such this unlikely, yet extremely dangerous event. Follow:

Lancers’ Lives: Siblings who stick together, slay together

Share: Christian and Kennedy Crumbles have been living in Pasadena while going to PCC for over a year and a half. Christian was 17 when he registered for PCC, while Kennedy started at ELAC when she was 16, and transferred to PCC last year. The siblings not only take the same interest in biology but also hiking, adventuring. Christian is also making music while Kennedy is modeling on the side. Follow:

Board of Trustees Meeting: April 5, 2017

Share: Approval of request for reduced teaching service with full STRS Credit Approve/ additional compensation for Academic Personnel AS introduced themselves in front of Board of Trustees, informed them about future Washington DC trips. Focusing on movements to increase college affordability by fixing home and food insecurities. Shower facilities for homeless students approved AS board pulled out “Standards of Student Conduct” because it’s something that can be passed under AS authorization   Requests more time to talk about this policy A.S-T Film, Television and Electronic …

Police Blotter: IT-137’s poor ventilation activates fire alarm twice

Share: Monday, March 20 A homeless person found sleeping in the Circadian was escorted off the campus. A man and woman were reported having a verbal fight near the mirror pools. They were gone upon officers’ arrival. Officers out with two subjects who were involved in a traffic collision in Lot 3. Parties exchanged information. A homeless person was reported grooming himself near east of the V-building and turned out to be a PCC student. A student was reported suffering a laceration on her foot …

PCC’s attendance numbers spring up this semester

Share: Thanks to the “Spring into Action! With +1 class” promotional message that was sent to thousands of students and posted on the school’s website, PCC is on its way to achieve its 2017 full-time equivalent students (FTES) goal of 25,257 students. According to PCC’s latest FTES report from 2016-2017, which doesn’t report on non-credit completion and summer enrollment, the school’s FTES is now at 22,646 students and overall 93 percent of enrollment rate for classes. School administrators are focusing on reaching the state’s target …