PCC is approaching its March 28 deadline to nominate faculty and staff for the Risser awards given to outstanding faculty and staff.

Currently enrolled students and staff have the ability to nominate PCC professors and staff members for the awards which will be presented to one full-time, tenure track, or tenured faculty member and one staff member. Adjunct staff are not eligible.

The winner of the faculty award will receive $1,000 in cash and the Risser Outstanding Teacher Recognition plaque, which is the highest honor for faculty at PCC. The Risser Award for Outstanding Support to Education will be given to one qualified staff member.

Nominators are encouraged to choose candidates based on their quality of instruction, inspiration to students, fair and understandable evaluation and grading, loyalty to PCC and the United States, and number of times the teacher or staff member has been nominated.

Previous recipients of the award are not eligible to win multiple times.

Nominees are evaluated for the award based on their support to the educational program at PCC, quality of job performance, attitude and quality of character, and their service beyond their job requirements.

Applications to nominate staff and professors require 50 signatures as well as a written anecdote or testimonial describing the qualifications of the person they are nominating.

To access the Risser Award application, visit PCC’s website or contact the public relations office.

Applications are due in the foundation office, CDC 214, on Monday, March 28 by 4:00 p.m.

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