Biden’s student debt relief plan: What are you really mad about?

President Biden’s student debt relief plan has been met with cheers and jeers, and no one is cheering and jeering more than those Americans who will be untouched by it.  Critics have called this plan a glorified government bailout targeted at able-bodied, affluent Americans.  Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has called the plan “a slap in the face to every family who sacrificed to save for college and every graduate who paid their debt.” The validity of such arguments relies on an iteration of America …

A legacy of destruction: How the US failed Afghanistan

After twenty years of woefully misguided military involvement, President Biden announced the United State’s withdrawal from Afghanistan on Aug. 16. The announcement is extremely bad news for many Afghan citizens, especially those who advocated for human rights under the notion that they would be protected by the US. Now, millions of civilians and allies are in danger and the US has decided to turn its back on the same country it devastated for over two decades.  In an interview with TRT World, activist Mahbooba Seraj …

Chappelle tells white people to ‘come get these n**** lessons’

Once again, Dave Chappelle proved to be poignant, cynical, straight-forward, and most importantly, downright hilarious in between smoking a cigarette, live on-stage while hosting “Saturday Night Live.” If white America thought life was going to get any easier now that Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, Chappelle politely reminds them of the misery and despair that was conveniently forgotten prior to the Trump campaign. 

Aftermath: Threats and false claims of a stolen election

Election Day 2020 took place across America Tuesday, Nov. 3, and there had been much anxiety and turmoil surrounding what the results would be because of President Trump’s widespread and no-basis allegations of voter fraud. Businesses boarded up in anticipation of rioting but what ensued were lies and stubbornness from Trump and his supporters. On the night of the election, though several swing states were too close to call, Trump claimed victory in a 2:30 a.m. speech. He was apparently wrong. On Saturday morning, Nov. …

Trumps dangerous obsession with bogus mail-in voter fraud?

The 2020 presidential election is one of the most important elections the United States has seen in decades. The coronavirus pandemic and boiling tensions between political parties are motivating voters more than ever to make sure their voices are heard. The circumstances of the pandemic have made voting by mail a safer option for many Americans and it accommodates those who are too high risk to vote in person. However, the President claims voting by mail is going to lead to election fraud.

Presidential debate adds to the list of disasters of 2020

Picture two children arguing in front of a teacher on why one should be able to play with a ball over the other. That is what the 2020 presidential debate was like between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump completely derailed the debate turning it into guerilla warfare through an unyielding disregard for the rules set forth to ensure a civil discussion.

Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to defeat Trump

With the 2020 Presidential Election just over a year away, the pressure is on for those in the Democratic party to step up against President Trump in a race for the presidency. With already 21 Democrats so far announcing their bid, it will be a difficult challenge for the candidates to stand out to Democratic voters. Since former Vice President Joe Biden announced his candidacy it seems clear that he has become an instant favorite for the Democratic nomination.