Ageism can stay out of the presidential debate

Share: The idea of how old a candidate should be when running for president became a topic of concern when presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, 78, was sent to the hospital for chest pains. He suffered a heart attack and received two stents to open a blocked artery. To many, this reaffirmed a fear of having older white men run for the presidency and welcomed a new generation to take the lead. For others, this is just another -ism to add to the debate: ageism. Follow:

Environmentalism standing against capitalism

Share: When the British East India Company controlled India they pillaged its resources and contributed to mass famines. Just as The United Fruit Company directed the Banana Massacre with help from the U.S. and Colombian governments, using paramilitary assets to murder over 2000 striking workers. Even today Texaco lobbied the Obama administration to suppress an Ecuadorian court ruling to pay $8 billion for environmental damages caused by their oil development. Follow:

Why Sanders Berned Out

Share: There are 125 days until the general election and while each major party has chosen their nominee, there is a small faction that refuses to give up the ghost for failed primary challenger Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ campaign, or as I like to call it, “The Little Revolution That Wasn’t,” was a textbook guide for what not to do when running for the nomination of the Democratic Party. Follow:

Sanders’ socialism will suffocate the U.S.

Share: Socialism, as it’s always been, is the candy coated poison sold to the tired, hungry, and oppressed masses of the world. There has never been a more widely accepted lie than the false promises of socialism in the history of the world. The theory of socialism came about during the first French Revolution when monarchs ruled with almost absolute power and the most of the wealth of the country was held by the church and rich aristocrats, who had been deemed tax exempt. Now …