New full-time hires call PCC home

Share: At the end of the spring semester, the Board of Trustees hired a new batch of full-time faculty members, deans, and counselors. In addition, changes in the learning model from ‘schools’ to ‘divisions’ have immediately taken effect. There are close to 60 faculty members that currently hold positions with the school, including five deans, seven counselors, and three executives – all holding permanent positions. Some of these hires started last month, while others had their first day on July 1, 2016. There were deans that …

Why Sanders Berned Out

Share: There are 125 days until the general election and while each major party has chosen their nominee, there is a small faction that refuses to give up the ghost for failed primary challenger Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ campaign, or as I like to call it, “The Little Revolution That Wasn’t,” was a textbook guide for what not to do when running for the nomination of the Democratic Party. Follow:

Nightmarket transforms Santa Anita Park

Share: Santa Anita Park was once again transformed into the largest Asian-themed night market in the country as the 626 Nightmarket celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Dozens of live performers, a vast array of asian culinary selections, and crowds as far as the eye could see were among the festivities as the 626 Nightmarket raged into the late hours of the night this past weekend. Follow: