Bernie was destined to lose and now he stands no chance of winning the nomination. The best thing he can do for his supporters is become the speaker of the house, claiming the power he was never going to earn through a presidency.

On Tuesday, Mar. 17 former Vice President Joe Biden swept Senator Bernie Sanders in the race to the Democratic nomination by winning Arizona, Florida, and Illinois. Those three remaining states were the nail in Sander’s coffin ending Sander’s ability to clinch the nomination.

After the 2016 presidential nomination loss of Sanders to Hillary Clinton, there was a conniption amongst progressives and Sander acolytes and a fuse was lit that ignited a movement. Sanders losing to an establishment Democrat like Clinton when the stakes were so high, running against Donald J. Trump was unfathomable. And when word came out that the Democratic National Committee actively worked to derail the Sanders campaign, all gloves were off, in effect giving birth to the Sanders movement founded in 2020. And while many loathed the idea of another Clinton presidency, with non-Clinton voters “They believed they were more experienced, which they were. They believed they were smarter, which they weren’t,” said Donnie Fowler, DNC political consultant.

For a nation built on big change, fighting against establishments that work against the populous, and created by way of immigrants, the America is a non-intellectual, xenophobic, populous swayed by fictional characters, sound bites, and anoyone who has the moral repugnance to promise the world that Wall Street corruption would be held responsible and the sawmp of Washington would be draine, wrapped in toxic conjecture. Big change is in the DNA of who America is and the “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” said by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The infantile mentality of American voters is precisely why the nation is where it is, a country in financial ruin, divided like never before, and running the largest national debt never seen before in U.S. history.

Sanders is the choice the US needs to heal the travesties that have been inflicted on the nation by the neo-conservatives that infected the Republican party. The Republican party is an odious group bent on self-gratification at the expense of the country. But what Sanders supporters thought would happen, or what could happen is outside the realm of reality. President Obama was a fluke at best not to be repeated and the Republican base has devoted their energy to making sure of that.

For the younger generation, Sanders seemed like a breath of fresh air, a new beginning, and a chance to re-shape the nation into a country that works for everyone. But with America having the short-term memory of a squirrel, many don’t remember the progressive attempts of Ralph Nader. Nader was the pioneer who laid the foundation for someone like Sanders to come along without being laughed off stage.

Nader believes that America should be the world’s humanitarian superpower, employers who hire illegal immigrants should be held responsible, bringing back the TAFT-HARTLEY which keeps workers from being globalized, and many other policies that Sanders supports. Had we [US] elected Nader, the necessity for Sanders would not be as valid as it is today.

We live in a two party nation, which really resembles one party, and “The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities to which their knees hit the floor when corporations hit the floor.” coined so aptly by Nader.

Sanders is outside the establishment, and while he’s very energetic, he has plans that are different and enticing to the masses. He’s a threat to the status quo of the establishment and he poses an existential threat to the Democratic party and campaign finance, which is a euphemism for corruption.

A classic example of what is wrong with the Democratic party is current Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi’s agenda is clear and her choice has been etched into stone. Pelosi is a corporate elite who refuses to rise to the occasion by taking a holier-than-thou approach to fighting the Republicans. Sanders presidency would be the end of high-brow establishment politics amongst the Democrats which is something the Democrats will never allow.

The choice for Sanders is clear as he has lost the ability to become the Democratic presidential nominee. If he wants to continue to serve the nation, he must become the Senate Majority leader of the Democratic party which will never happen. Another option would be to become the speaker of the house, which would mean he would have to run for congress which is very unlikely, and in a way, he would lose power going from the senate to the House of Representatives.

Lastly, as many have been declaring for generations, become the leader of a third party thereby providing progressive Americans representation in government. Developed nations around the world have adopted a multiparty system giving voice to all and not solely to the parties that are bought and paid for by the wealthiest members of society. Having only two parties in America is having to choose the better of two evils.

As expected, when one party, namely the Republican party gets hijacked by a reality show president who thinks he’s on a reality show, that options for the American populace are narrowed down to the Democrats. The Democrats took an elitist stance against “fly-over” states and purported to know better and then were confused as to why there was a disconnect between the ideologies of the Democratic party and middle America.

To date the Democratic party consists of varying ideologies that are at a political crossroad. If a third party is not created, not only will the corporate indentured servants otherwise known as Democrats and Republicans continue to feed off the teats of corporate America, but a bubbling surge of anger will rise and manifest either through a fracturing of the American political system or erupt into a civil war between ideologies that cannot find common ground.

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