Gov. Jerry Brown apparently knows what’s best for the helpless people of California, signing into law a plethora of new legislation that will further add to the growing “Nanny State” that already exists in California.

The L.A. Times reported that as of June 9th, in the same state where children are banned from getting a toy with their happy meals, adults, who can be tried as such, won’t be able to buy tobacco products until they’re 21.

The State of California, led by Brown, a man who believes in forcing religious pregnancy centers to promote abortion, continues to take more and more control over it’s people’s lives.

The diaper changers in Sacramento decided that caffeinated beer was far too big of a responsibility for the Californian public to handle and if you live in San Francisco you are banned from lighting your fireplaces on any given cold winter night. Don’t worry though; your 16-year-old daughter can have as many abortions as her little heart desires without you knowing a thing.

PCC has had no problem adopting California’s authoritarian agenda, being a state college not having even one designated smoking area since January 2014 and allowing only one single staff member to carry a firearm on campus, not even sworn police officers with their department issued firearms.

It comes at no surprise that PCC would be so overbearing, being as it is completely illegal to have even light up a sparkler in Pasadena to celebrate our fleeting sense freedom.

Californians are on a path to total dependency on the state if this trend of government coddling continues. Their leftist overlords seek only to control the Californian people and bleed them dry with crippling taxes and invasive “Nanny Laws.”

The new smoking age is the highest in the country, tied with Kuwait for the highest in the world.

Voters in California need to decide if they want to live in a government approved world, nestled up to their cozy bureaucracy, or to live free lives, deciding what’s best for themselves. They need to decide if they are brave enough to exist in a society founded on liberty or end up as the preverbal “Wall-E” person floating in a chair of government handouts and regulations.

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